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This is a wiki for MetaFilter users who play web/email/real-life Diplomacy.

Our previous place for organization was at this MetaTalk thread.


This is a list of Diplomacy games that have been played by MeFiplomacy players, organized by format.

DP Judge


John Kenneth Fisher tried to create a game on phpDiplomacy, but there was insufficient interest at the time.

It would be cool to have a page for each completed game, that would include rosters, EOG reports and maybe links to game histories. Someone get on that.


This is an unordered list of MeFites who have played in or are interested in playing MeFiplomacy games.

Please link your name to your MeFi user page.

  • Rock Steady
  • spamguy
  • cortex
  • Wolfdog
  • schyler523
  • Alvy Ampersand
  • cmonkey
  • Dormant Gorilla
  • Meatbomb
  • Plutor
  • arimathea
  • Mastercheddaar
  • Lemurrhea
  • Brandon Blatcher
  • scabrous
  • KokuRyu
  • equalpants
  • octothorpe
  • ewagoner
  • Inkoate
  • robocop is bleeding
  • tickingclock
  • xbonesgt
  • jeversol
  • adamdschneider
  • ObscureReferenceMan
  • solipsophistocracy
  • burnmp3s
  • rakish_yet_centered
  • weebil
  • fantabulous timewaster
  • Durn Bronzefist
  • pravit
  • Bookhouse
  • Mitheral
  • ssg
  • Caduceus
  • foodmapper
  • Westringia F.
  • Snyder
  • kaibutsu
  • John Kenneth Fisher

This list has been generated by hand from the MeTa thread, and some people have probably inadvertently been left out.

Please make corrections as necessary!

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