This is my own principle of magic, brought from my studies, perspectives and experience. Through life is a metaphor for life, one can allow smaller metaphors come to correspond to much larger metaphors. As one sees the world through a certain metaphor, that metaphor becomes more and more obvious in ones life and, theoretically, that (or those) beings and/or consciousness that reside within that thing come more and more in contact with that being whose focus to relate to that metaphor. We are all houses of concepts, philosophies, beliefs, concepts. The question is; are these concepts, these metaphors for our beings, our struggles, epiphenomenon of our material existence? Or are they instead a part of our cosmos? Do we share conceptualization beyond our human shells? Are principles such as awareness, struggle, or prosperity older than us as a species? This is something that may be moot to try to explain or prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, but the fact that the question is open enough to allow the possibility intriguing in itself.

What I am proposing is that those quantum physical processes that have been discovered in the last 50 years have more structure than we are currently aware of. That what controls quantum physical phenomenon is actually a form of rudimentary conceptualization. Something as simple as, up or down, life or death, stop or go? My belief is that on the level of light, it has always been concept which allows creation to manifest. In this sense if one is able to conceptualize their existence to a point in which all existential fears and confusions are either escaped or properly organized and made to move in the direction of the awareness that is at the helm of said being, then that being may become the god of his or her existential journey, as opposed to a pawn of a larger consciousness or a traveler on the streams of total being. A magician is merely an artist using the first tools that god has given him, his will and his perception. A philosopher is not a seeker of truth, but merely an artist of perception.

My own philosophies are also deeply connected to those philosophies that make up 369 666 as well as the mark of the beast!

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