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This wiki is dedicated to the entirety of spiritual beliefs and practices without preaching any specific spiritual teaching. Pages here will include notes on any and all metaphysical (Neopaganistic, psychic energy, astrology, etc.) subjects without the lingo and jargon of official encyclopedia pages that put-down and ridicule such belief. Let's try to avoid words like "allegedly" for the simple understanding that we're giving the information and theories we, thus far, have.

Much of the information on beliefs and practices in NeoPaganism and the New Age Movement is considered baseless by more closed-minded individuals and some very important concepts are missed. Many practices considered "placebos" aren't meant to be divine or special in anyway, but a form of placebo to begin with, arguably.

Placebos happen when the mind affects the body without any real outside influence. An example would be a pill that claims to have a certain effect on the body. Half of a group of people with the condition that needs to be changed are given the real pill and the other half are given simple sugar pills that have no effect on the body. If the effects are shown in people who took the sugar pills, obviously the mind is what did the work and not the pill.

This would happen because the person taking the pill used that pill as a form of clarifying intention to their mind. With this intent understood, the mind takes action.

Many of the concepts in New Age spiritual beliefs work the same way. Visualizations and rituals help clarity to the consciousness exactly what we want done and from there the mind takes action. Keep this in mind while editing these pages and please, keep an open mind.

Information kept in this wiki should be useful to every New Ager out there, Neopagans will recognize this collection of data as a sort of massive, online Book of Shadows.

Keep it civil. Keep it objective. Keep it considerate. As the new age beliefs go, do no harm to others or yourself, be it physical, mental or emotional. Enjoy!

NOTE: The name and category of this wiki is (hopefully) temporary. If enough people come to add in this and it gets promoted further, let's try to come up with a name more encompassing of the subject matter. Please, feel free to leave suggestions on the discussion page. Most of all I'd like to find a better word for pseudopsychology without using "para". Usually the term Pseudo signifies that something is false or illegitimate, but in this case it's only used to separate it from psychology that "officially passes the scientific method." I'd like to avoid Para (meaning alike or similar to) because it just doesn't fit...Let me know what you've got.

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