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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is Here!
Metroid Prime 3 boxart

The game's boxart

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is the newest installment in the Metroid series of video games. The game was released on August 27, 2007, for Nintendo's Wii console. The series follows the adventures of Samus Aran, a bounty hunter who fights the evil Space Pirates and their allies.

Metroid Prime 3 deals with Samus's Phazon "corruption", an ailment that occurs after she is wounded in an altercation with her enemy, Dark Samus. Samus must now stop the evil alliance between Dark Samus and the Space Pirates, who are implanting entire planets with Phazon seeds (called "Leviathans"), while learning to use her new Phazon-enhanced powers.


Dark Samus, who has been revived after Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, infects the Aurora Units of the Galactic Federation with a virus. The Federation calls in Samus to help. After arriving at the Federation starship fleet, Samus witnesses an attack by the Space Pirates and is told to head down to the planet below, where the Marines and Pirates are having a heated battle.

Dark Samus corrupts

Dark Samus corrupts the hunters

Samus meets other hunters-Rundas, Gandrayda, and Ghor-and they attempt to restart the Aurora Unit generators. Samus encounters her foe Ridley while doing this. Later, the hunters surround the new ally of the Pirates-Dark Samus-but the dark hunter attacks and corrupts the others with Phazon.

Knocked out for a month, Samus awakens to discover she's wearing a Phazon Enhancement Device Suit that will channel her new Phazon abilities. The other hunters have been dispatched to other planets to uninfect their Aurora Units, but contact with them was lost a week ago and the Federation fears the worst.

Samus travels to Bryyo, where she discovers Rundas has been fully corrupted. She is forced to kill him to get to the planet's Leviathan. After a pitched battle with a statue called Mogenar, she liberates Bryyo of its Phazon corruption.

She next heads to Elysia, a planet whose Aurora Unit, 217, has been corrupted. Samus encounters the corrupted Ghor, who she kills to repair 217. Afterwords, she destroys the mechanoid Helios and blows up Elysia's Leviathan.

Gandrayda betrays

Gandrayda betrays Samus

Samus is next dispatched to the Pirate homeworld itself, the location of the last Leviathan. She meets Gandrayda, who has been corrupted. Samus destroys her and allows the Federation in to commence an attack on the homeworld.

Samus collects nine Energy Cells and brings them to the Valhalla, the ship whose Aurora Unit, 313, was stolen by Pirates. She finds the "Leviathan Code" onboard and returns to the Pirate homeworld.

The Federation invades the Pirate homeworld as Samus attempts to destroy the last Leviathan. She finds Ridley once again, and they engage in a pitched duel that ends in Ridley's defeat. Samus destroys the final Leviathan afterwords. She opens a wormhole to the source of Phazon-the planet Phaaze-by entering the Leviathan Code. The Federation and Samus heads to the planet for the final battle.

313 and Dark Samus

313 absorbs Dark Samus

On Phaaze, Samus finds herself permanently corrupted as she searches for the inner sanctum of the planet. Once there she encounters Dark Samus, and they fight to the death. When defeated, Dark Samus is absorbed by Aurora Unit 313-the Aurora stolen and corrupted by the Pirates-and the final fight commences. Samus destroys 313, causing Dark Samus to have a Phazon overload that eliminates the corruption in Samus and blows up Phaaze.

Samus escapes and bids farewell to the Federation. She remembers the highlights of her mission before flying off into the distance.

100% ending

The mysterious ship from the 100% ending

But as she soars off, a strange blue ship appears and follows her into space...

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
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