The Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel is a channel for the Wii Menu that can be downloaded starting August 10, 2007. The channel features videos and a small game in which players drag the Wii remote across the screen to reveal a picture.


August 10

  • "Corruption": A new trailer that officially names Gandrayda and Ghor as well as renaming Rundas.
  • "Bridge Fight": A gameplay video showing the full scene of Samus fighting some Space Pirates on a bridge, featured in many trailers.

August 13

  • "Aurora": A video narrated by a robotic-sounding woman which details the creation of the Aurora Units and shows their striking resemblance to Mother Brain.
  • "Spider Ball": A gameplay video that shows Samus using the Spider Ball to traverse a puzzle.

August 16

  • "PED Suit": This video, narrated by the same person as "Aurora", shows how the Galactic Federation Marines have been given PED (Phazon Enhancement Device) Suits, which give them enhanced Phazon-based powers. Although the narrator says none of the marines have suffered "Phazon sickness", one marine is shown twitching briefly.
  • "Air Assault": This gameplay video shows Samus fighting some Pirates on Byyro, briefly using Hyper Mode to fend them off.

August 20

  • "Valhalla": This video, narrated by the same person as "Aurora" and "PED Suit", shows the first look inside the Valhalla after it was attacked by Space Pirates. A large group of Metroids appear, and it is confirmed that the ship's Aurora Unit is missing.
  • "Bowling": This gameplay video shows Samus using the Morph Ball to go through a puzzle and to harm enemies.

August 23

  • "Dark Samus": This video shows text being spoken by the Space Pirates, telling of their allegience to Dark Samus.
  • "Mine Attack": This gameplay video shows Samus using the Plasma Beam against several Space Pirates.
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