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Mew Mew Power/Family Guy is a parody series featuring video clips from Mew Mew Power and audio clips from Family Guy.


  • Zoey as Peter
  • Mark as Lois
  • Renee as Brian
  • Dren as Stewie
  • Barry as Chris
  • Elliott as Meg
  • Kikki as Quagmire
  • Bridget as Cleveland
  • Corina as Joe
  • Sabrina as Herbert
  • Blue Aqua as Death
  • Ucha as Adam West
  • Blue Bayou as Mort
  • The Blue Knight as Dr. Hartman
  • Ian as Babs Pewterschmidt
  • Ringo as Cleveland Jr.
  • Mrs. Hanson as Tom Tucker
  • Duke as Diane Simmons
  • An Alien Infusor (presumably the one that invaded Ms. Rivera) as the Yellow Chicken
  • Wesley J. Coolridge as Jillian
  • Mr. Hanson as Thelma
  • Miss Rivera as Mickey McFinnigan

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