This is the 7th Episode of Pooh's Adventures Zexal created by Cartoonfan 2012


Mewsette and Jaune Tom are Making Love in the Basement telling each other how much they Love each other While Robespierre Mr. Blick and Waffle are getting there Revenge on the High School Football Players but it didn't turn out so sweet and John and Lori are Thinking that Roger is having a Party in the Attic.


  • Mewsette, Jaune Tom, Robespierre, Gordon, Waffle, Mr. Blick, Brian Griffin, Roger Smith, John Bennett and Lori Collins guest star in this episode.
  • This Episode is based on That 70's Show The Trails of M. Kelso.
  • Mewsette and Jaune Tom will sing Mewsette (Reprise) in this Episode.

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