Mexican-Japanese Culture Festival is a song sung during the Mexican-Japanese cultural festival attended by Bruno Cortez and Ami Onukia during "No Speak Da Japamexicano". They can be seen at random parts of the video.


It's the Mexican-Japanese cultural festival!
Mexican-Japanese cultural festival!
There is sushi on tostadas,
A yokai in our piñata,
We jutsu when we lambada.
How are things in Okinawa?
We put bottles on cabezas.
We kabuki up on mesas.
And we're coming to your places,
With big smiles upon our faces.

(Both parts repeat at the same time.)
Bruno and Ami: Hai-le!


  • Although the spin-off series localization is in America and Canada, this based heavinly on Japanese and Mexican culture, the original localization for the original series.
  • This song blends the cultures of Mexico and Japan (Bruno and Ami).
  • Hai-le is a crossword between Hai meaning "yes" in Japanese and Ole!, an exclamation in Hispanic culture.

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