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The Online Mythos

Welcome to Mica, an online project to create a mythology using a Wiki. Visitors to this site can create stories about the fictional planet Mica, centered on any era within the planet's history; eras analagous to all of Earth's past (and myth!) exist, and may be written about. Please remember that stories should follow established continuity, and not overstep the bounds of that story.

There's a place for every author in Mica!

For fans of fantasy, Mica's distant past offers a time of elves and wizards, orcs and goblins. It was a time of quests, of great evil, and of deep magic. The rise and fall of the terrible Emperor Mychin is a story that spans centuries and continents, and the quest to defeat him one of the most daring and amazing of all time!

So, start here: Mica:Geography

If you prefer an era like what Earthlings would consider the Medieval Ages, the separation of the humans on Mica to their own nation - Nyr - brings with it the rise of the Knights of Nyr, adventurers and protectors of cities all across the Human region. The death of King Penthe, a benevolent and kind man, throws the nation into chaos, and the Knights of Nyr must unite the nation once again.

A similar era to Earth's current time period exists, as much of Mica is united once more. Lyra, the capital of Mica's most powerful nation, Ythe, is under attack by the violent forces of the Orcs, under the rule of uelYe the First.

Earth's future is mirrored in Mica's future- the Mican Space Fleet is a force to be reckoned with in the intergalactic war agains the Altan Combine, an alien race bent upon destroying Mica for its role in the liberation of Shyka, nearly a decade earlier. But the war does not go well...

This isn't even close to being the entirety of the story of Mica! Jump into an existing story, and add your own twist! (Although, please try not to step on too many toes) Create your own story! Create characters, nations, races! Put elves in space! Put goblins in cars! Let's make a mythology worthy of the great world of Mica!

The content of Mica is covered by the Creative Commons License.

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