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Life is harder at the yard since Tiger left to run his streey. With no mice to shunt or be the station pilot, Squidward, Tony, and Mr. Mousekewitz must shunt in the sidings and fetch their own coaches. Soon, the big engines begin to quote "Mices and Squids don't shunt!" to express their outrage.

One blustery day, Mr. Mousekewitz arrived at the other end of the line with his train and headed for the turntable. The turntable is by the sea, so the wind was very strong and if an engine is not perfectly balanced on the turntable, it becomes difficult to turn. Mr. Mousekewitz was in a bad mood and couldn't get perfectly balanced. Neither his driver and fireman could not get him to cooperate. After trying again and again, they gave up and decided to pull his next train tender first.

When Mr. Mousekewitz arrives at the junction, a group of boys joke around and taunt Mr. Mousekewitz by calling him a Cat. Tiger, who was waiting at the junction, laughs and suggests that Mr. Mousekewitz should "scrap his tender and get a nice bunker". Tony flew by with his train and laughed at Mr. Mousekewitz. Mr. Mousekewitz warns Tony that he may stick as well, but Tony claims that he won't stick because he's not as fat as Mr.Mousekewitz.

When Tony gets to the sheds, he carefully lines up on the turntable and his crew slowly rotates the turntable. But the strong wind has other ideas and begins to spin Tony around uncontrollably. Mr. Mousekewitz arrives just in time to see the whole thing. When the turntable finally stops, Tony backs into the shed and doesn't say a word.

That night, Mr. Mousekewitz, Tony, and Squidward held an indignation meeting. They decide it would be best, after the day's events, to go on strike.

  • Papa Mousekewitz as Gordon
  • Tony as James
  • Squidward (Spongebob) as Henry

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