Michael Kid is a Virtual E-Fedding Wrestler and currently wrestles and promo's for VWE (Virtual Wrestling Entertainment) and is handled by Michael J. R.

Early Life/Career

Michael Kid was born on December 20, 1986 in a small town not too far off of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Even at a young age, Michael was influenced by Drugs, Violence, and Alcohol. Throughout many of his years during Middle and High School, there were many kids that got addicted to those three key items. Many did drugs, many were involved in violence…some often jumping others, and also many got drunk on weekly basis, one of them being Michael himself. During high school, Kid got into getting drunk on a weekly basis at several of the high school parties, starting when he was only a freshman…way under the legal age to even be drinking in the first part.

But before his drinking epic started, at a very young age, Micahel had also fallen for wrestling. Roughly at the age of 9, he and his friend had been watching wrestling on a daily basis, learning the tricks of the trade. They were strictly “WWE” viewers, collecting hundreds upon hundreds of action figures, wrestling tapes, and shirts. At that time, wrestling in full was very popular. Whether you watched WWE, WCW, or even the small audience that saw ECW, most love it. Michael was a firm Smackdown viewer, the internet wasn’t too big, and he didn’t even have a computer anyways. And he didn’t have cable neither, so he was forced to only watch “Smackdown”, yet he often went over to his friend’s house to watch “RAW”, and often got caught up what happened on “RAW” from school mates. He had several favorites at the time, one of his favorites being “Jeff Hardy” for his high flying, daredevil antics, but he also was a huge fan of “The Rock” for his comedic natural charisma, and the heart to win matches, “Stone Cold”, and also Bret Hart for his natural wrestling ability.

Eventually though, during his Middle School years, the era of wrestling among his classmates and friends was over. There were still a few casual watchers, but Kid was pretty much the only consistant watcher…often keeping that secret among others as at this point many though of wrestling as being “gay, with men touching and grabbing each other.” He kept it to himself, and went on with life. By the age of 14, he was a freshman in his high school and at that time he had thought several of times what his life could be like if he took his love for wrestling to another step, and considered training to become a wrestler. He hadn’t really been involved in any real sports for several years, and he considered joining the wrestling team. He never did though, as becoming a wrestler was just a fragment in his mind of what he might want to do; and he thought he would keep up with his studies, get into college, and become the typical rich business man that sucked down martini’s at local pubs with co-workers.

When Michael turned 16, his life had changed. The aspect of being a wrestling was really getting to him. At the time, pretty much everyone internet of some sort and he had been downloading wrestling matches of all sorts. He was still “Closet” wrestling fan, really being the only one he knew that liked wrestling asides from a few kids that occasionally watched wrestling but didn’t really “like” it the way he did. The internet was his location for having “wrestling friends.” At this point, he had really started to get into Indy Wrestling. Especially one fed that had just opened, Ring of Honor. Michael began to lose interests in WWE’s lack luster storylines and lack luster matches, asides from a few good matches that were put on every now and then, and he started to really love a match which had two wrestlers that really fought it out and putting on some of the best matches he had ever seen.

At this point of time, he truly decided what he wanted to do. He started to get in shape at 16 working out every day at the gym in his high school. He also went out and searched for a local trainer…someone to teach him a few trick of the trade, more or less how to sell a match, and several of the the psycology of wrestling. Within a year, he was in shape, and was no more than an amaeteur…knowing mostly the basic moves, and basic selling. He started to get booked at local wrestling shows in front of only a few people, no more than 30 at a time..on average usually 10-15 people.

He graduated from his school as a “Port Pirate”…the theme of his school. He implemented that into his gimmick for a few matches in Milwaukee, but it never got over. Right after graduating though, he took a trip over the pond to England for two months to learn about the European style of wrestling. While over there, he took a trip in Liverpool, where he meet his now good friend, Ian Holland…otherwise known as “DUTCHFACE.” The two became instant friends…sharing several characteristics. They wrestled against each other at a liverpool show, and although Kid wasn’t experienced that much at the time…and the same with Dutchface, the two got a standing ovation after the match when Dutchface picked up the win, and Kid raised his arm in victory after their hard fought battle. One of Michael’s favorite matches to this day.

When Michael returned to the states, he spent some time in Ohio, where he meet Adam McAbier. The two were much like Ian and himself, instant friendship. Kid started another gimmick under “The Soul Stalker”, a gimmick that based on a rough child hood that was taking out his own bad experiences on others…roughly based off one of his all time favorites, WWE’s Undertaker. McAbier was named “The Punisher of Sins” and the two wrestled as “Heaven and Hell” at several indy shows. But at the time, McAbier was involved in bigger places…a wrestling fed named “Virtual Wrestling Entertainment.”

Enter: VWE, Season 3…

In late June, Adam McAbier started to talk with officials of “VWE” about bringing Kid in. They wanted to see what he had…so Kid entered VWE known as “The Phenomithon” Michael Kid. On July 5th, the young, brass, and cocky Micahel Kid issued a challenge to the whole VWE Roster, and on July 9th he went through on that challenge where he made an impressive debut, getting the wins over some of VWE’s best talent at the time: Onn-Li, Bastet, and L-Crash. He walked into his first VWE PPV, Majestic Melee where he participated in the 30 Majestic Melee. He came out as number 30..he had the biggest chance of winning the match and earning a shot at VWE’s most alustrious title at VWE’s biggest P.P.V. event. After another match at Cooked where he lost to Onn-Li, he let up from his huge movement into VWE, and spent a lot of time training, slowling down the push he had going in VWE. He made it to Wrestlefest III however, having a street fight against one “Bones”, which he had gotten into some beef with. VWE then went on Off-Season, which Kid took the time off to further train as a wrestling.

VWE, Season 4…

Kid opened in second season into VWE with a bang. Right off the bat, Michael made a name for himself by cocking off to the COOKED Manager, and getting a match against him where the winner would have control of COOKED for the month. He beat Roach in only a few minutes, and had control of the next COOKED. When the time came, he took his privillages and put himself in a match for the COOKED Championship. After a hard fought match, Micahel Kid was the new COOKED Champion after beating L-Crash and Mr. Superior, who was the champion and that Michael was currently feuding with at the time. After his time of being COOKED Manager was up, Roach got his revenge by putting Kid in a match agaisnt VWE Legend Snugglebunny…but with The ONE as a special referee. At that time, The One and Michael on more than one occasion had disputes…Kid saying he was better than the One because he was younger…and overall more talented; even though The ONE was the VWE Champion and was the hottest VWE Wrestling at the time. Micahel lost the match agaisnt Snugglebunny, but Kid was still hot off his COOKED Title triumph. At Unforgettable, Kid had his first title defense agaisnt Codezero which the two had miraculous match, lasting over 15 minutes and Michael coming out with the win. After that match, Kid asked for a handshake with Codezero as they had his best match yet while in VWE…which he respected CodeZero for her great effort, and for Kid’s chance to wrestle her.

Roach continued his effort to try and foil Michael Kid by putting him in a match agaisnt L-Crash right after Unforgettable. This time though, Roach himself was the special referee. But even with that, Michael walked out still the champion. Also on that same night, Michael had to fight with one of his best friends in the business, Aam McAbier, the very man that got Kid into the VWE. The two were fighting in Quarterfinal Match to qualify to be in the Lord of the Ring tournament. Kid unfortunetly lost, but he thought nothing of it as McAbier was a main event star, and Kid was nothing more than a Mid-Carder, who was the COOKED Champion anyways.

Kid laid low for about a month, a spark brewing between “Tree” and Michael Kid. Tree accused Kid of wanting to be him, seeing as they had similar ring attires, and at one point the same finishing move. And one of Tree’s biggest beef with Michael, his taunt that he would describe “TEE” or “T.” So the match was signed, March 12, 2005, Michael Kid was in one of the biggest matches in his life. He was fighting a VWE Top Wrestler, TREE, in a 3 Stages of Hell match for the COOKED Title. The first of the three series of matches was First Blood match. It had been Kid’s first “First Blood” match, which Tree took the win using “The Planting” to bust Kid, one of Kid’s first experiences being busted open in the wrestling business. The two then fought in the second part of the 3 stages of hell, in a Hardcore Match. Kid picked up the win in that making the VWE Legend Submit to the Kid Krusher. Then finally the two fought in a Ladder match where Kid was able to grab and retrieve the COOKED Championship hanging from above for the win. And further more defining one of Kid’s biggest matches in his VWE Career.

Right after Kid’s big match, Michael was attacked in the parking lot by Adam’s brother, Brian, over jealously of Kid’s success in VWE. At the time, Brian was jealous as Adam, and Michael had formed the stable, “The Impact Playas” along with Morgoth and were having loads of success while Brian McAbier was doing nothing but getting losses to his name. The Impact Playas together as a team though, was far from spectacular at the time though. T.I.P. had yet won a match in a tag match, and were searching for that one win. Which is when Michael called up his “Dutchling” friend…Ian “Dutchface” Holland. Dutchfae entered VWE right around the VWE PPV, Whiplash.

At Whiplash however, The ONE and Micahel Kid would finally face off in their first match agaisnt each other after months of back and forth trash talking. The ONE had one specialty of match choices..and that was the Ironman Match. Kid wanted to be the first to beat him in it…so he challenged The ONE to an Ironman Match with the COOKED Title on the line. During the match, Kid had several chances where he could have gotten the pin, or could have gotten The ONE to submit, but he didn’t go for the chances, which in the end was bad for Kid as The ONE had one, 0-2, and ending Kid’s great COOKED Championship run.

After Whiplash, on Cooked a spark formed that would last the rest of the VWE Season…and more to come. And that spark was with one Gung Ho. From the first time they saw each other…they hated each other. And this match right before the next VWE was one installment in the Ho vs. Kid series…a feud that would be on and off going for the rest of the fourth season, and continue through the fifth…perhaps to make it to a sixth season? Time will tell, but on April 09, 2005, the first of the Kid vs. Ho series began.

Michael Kid/Sylas Styles

It was soon Eliminator Innings. It was going to be a big challenge for Kid becausee it was a chance to be put in the main event at Wrestlefest by having to go through VWE’s best wrestlers, but also because of one man…SYLAS STYLES. At the time, The Impact Playas had grown, it now contained Kid, McAbier, Flatline, Morgoth, and now Dutchface. The leader of the Impact Playas, Adam McAbier, had been in an on going feud with Sylas Styles from other promotions. And now the feud had made it’s transition over to VWE. Now at Elminator Innings, before the match Sylas Styles challenged Kid to make it through each Inning and to make it to the final Inning to face Kid. Sylas saw Kid’s talent, and he tried to convince Kid that he was being used by McAbier. Styles told Kid to leave McAbier and stop allowing him to use him like he was. Kid told Styles he would think about what he said, but for the time being…he would make it to the final Inning and have on classic showdown with Sylas to crown the Eliminator Inning’s winner. So at Eliminator Innings, Sniper walked into the 4th Inning to face Michael Kid in a cage match. Michael won the match, which he was honored to face the Legend Sniper in as Sniper was one of Kid’s favorite wrestlers wrestling for VWE at the time. So Kid went on to the 5th Inning agaisnt another VWE Legend, LBK. LBK reminded Kid of one of Kid’s favorite wrestlers growing up, Shawn Michaels, and LBK backed it up in the ring of being just as great as LBK. The two fought in a match similar to a cage match, a Hell in a Cell. Kid beat yet another Legend, to face Tree in the 6th Inning. Kid and Tree had just fought only a few months ago, but Kid had won that match…but the thing is Kid had to face Tree in the same match that he lost to Tree in the Three Stages of Hell match. Kid was unable to fulfill Sylas’s challenge of making it to the 9th Inning..but he defianetly tried. Out of spite, Sylas and Kid still fought at Eliminator Innings when Sylas put the World Championship on the line agaisnt Kid. In one hell of a match up, Michael Kid ended up losing agaisnt Sylas..but didn’t really lose in the end. At the end of the match, Kid had earned Sylas’s respect…and even though Sylas and McAbier had a certain hatred towards each other…Kid and Styles could be what was considered “friends.”

With losing to Sylas at Eliminator Innings, Kid was doomed to the “VWE Skirt”…the most embarassing act that any VWE Wrestler can hold. Having to wear a rainbow colored skirt and wrestle in it…and with that it brought many bad weeks upon Kid. During this time however, Sylas was the VWE Champion. And to add to Kid’s terrible losing streak he had going, but McAbier had put up Kid’s CONTRACT agaisnt Styles to get a VWE Championship match up. McAbier ended up losing to Styles, and Kid was in Styles’s command…his bitch. But it wasn’t really Sylas making Kid his bitch…Sylas was proving his final point to Kid. He truly proved to Kid that McAbier was using Kid to make it to the top. Whether it be Kid helping McAbier beat The ONE at Lord of the Ring, or in just generally any other match..Kid was always there to help McAbier win the match..but where was McAbier during Kid’s match? No where to be found. So Kid left McAbier and the Impact Players in full..hurt and used. Kid started to drink heavily once again…which Sylas was there to help Kid through. Michael Kid and Sylas Styles formed a group, “TNA…The New Alliance” and Kid got Dutch to join, a three man team. During this time, Sylas helped Kid better his life..he bought Kid into a Straight-Edge lifestyle. A life style which invovles no drinking, no drugs, and casual sex with more than one woman.

With Kid becoming a sort of “Protegy” of Sylas…Sylas taught Michael Kid many of things. Whether it be the way of life, or life in the ring. Sylas helped Kid through his rough “Skirt” era…and that gave Micahel his confidence as a wrestler. He officially was with VWE for a year now, and it was Majestic Melee time. With that new found confidence, he hoped to win the Majestic Melee…although he fell short drawing quite a low number and being tossed out half way through the match. But it wasn’t all bad, because at Majestic Melee, TNA (Kid and Dutchface) walked in and won the VWE Tag Team Championship belts. And ever since Adam McAbier turned on Kid, he had wanted pay back. He never got it though, so his brother was the next best thing. Dutchface and Kid walked into Tap Out right after Majestic Melee and challenged Brian McAbier, who at the time was the World Champion. The match was a 2 on 1 handicap match for the World Title…unfortunetly, Brian cheated and won the match…therefore Kid didn’t get his revenge nor did he or Dutch win the big one.

There was only a month left till Wrestlefest, and at the last PPV before Wrestlefest, Kid had no way of getting into the Main Event at Wrestlefest oterh than being the Best of the Best, or Erin Blackthorn’s special picked superstar for the match. Kid had been on a shakey month before hand…having Kid and Dutch lost the VWE Tag Team Championships to none other than Gung Ho…and Darkness Dragon. Kid did nothing after he lost the Tag Belts…however Kid and Dutch tried to get a rematch for Wrestlefest…they didn’t get their shot. Kid didn’t go empty handed, as Ho and Kid once again had a match for The COOKED Championship that Kid was looking to regain at VWE’s Biggest PPV. With taking a lost at Wrestlefest, it marked that another VWE Season was over, and Kid took most the off season off. He went back home in Wisconsin and stayed with his family, and catching up with friends. He also worked several indy shows…but more or less waited till the Fifth Season of VWE to start.

VWE: Season 5

With the beginning of Season 5…TNA had, had an absence of it’s third muskateer..Dutchface. He had shown up for a few shows..but for most of the season…he had been gone away, missing. TNA started the 06 Season with Kid and Sylas challenging DnA, Tree and The ONE for the Tag Team Championships. DnA were the Tag Champions, and Styles and Kid had challenges them to 3 matches…all three which TNA had won, but DnA wouldn’t put up the titles. Not only did they decimate DnA, but TNA also decimated the entire Tag League itself. They pretty much defeated every other Tag Team that came in their way. Styles and Kid were the perfect group, Kid based himself after Styles. They were even considered “EMO TWINS” for much of the season because of their similar hair cuts, and similar attires. So finally, when Styles and Kid were going to get their Tag Team Championship match against DnA…they were screwed out of it as by a technicality, Styles couldn’t fight in the match due to having the Skirt being put on him before the match, so Kid had to team with Dutch who hadn’t been around much for the Tag Titles. Although Kid and Dutch came close, they were unable to take the belts from The ONE and Tree.

With Sylas going off to being screwed in many other events, Kid decided to get back on his singles career once again…and once again challenged Gung Ho at VWE’s first PPV of the 5th season for the COOKED Championship. Kid decimated Ho in only a matter of minutes, and he became the COOKED Champion for the second time.

Kid vs. Prometheus:

Right after winning the COOKED Championship, a new challenger arose to challenge Michael Kid for the COOKED Championship. At the time, there was a war going on. It was TNA vs. The Black Harts. The Black Hart, Prometheus stepped up and challenge TNA’s Michael Kid for a title shot at the COOKED Championship. The two fought inside a Steel Cage, but Kid walked out Champion. And at the same time, the LOTR Competition was beginning. Kid went and beat LBK on the same night. And then a at TAP OUT Kid went to face on his Great Friend, Sylas Styles in the Quarter Finals. For this match they wanted to make a historical match…they wanted to out do the match they had at Eliminator Innings the year before. And they did…this time though Michael Kid walked out victorious over his mentor and continued on in the competition.

Kid made it to the Semi Finals of the LOTR Competition, having to face Gung Ho for the second time in the season to make it to the finals to determine the VWE Lord of the Ring. Although Kid lost this match, Prometheus and Kid once more had a rematch over the COOKED Championship. This time Prometheus and Kid fought in a Last Man Standing match. Half way through the match, fellow Black Hart, Kahn, attacked Kid while Prometheus was fighting Kid. Kahn knocked Kid out and Prometheus took the COOKED Belt from Kid…with Kahn’s help of course. But Kid got his revenge because Kahn no only jumped Kid that night, but he also jumped Carnage, and up and coming star in VWE who kicked a lot of ass. When Kahn jumped Carnage, Sylas and Kid came out and made the save. But seeing as this was TNA vs. The Black Harts, several other Black Hart members came down to the ring and TNA with Carnage fought the Black Harts. TNA with Carnage beat the Black Harts, and TNA invited Carnage to join them, which Carnage did.

At Cooked, Kid got his rematch for the COOKED Championship against Prometheus in a Hell in a Cell match. Kid and Prometheus were in their 3 consecutive matches over the COOKED Championship. Kid wanted his rematch in a Hell in a Cell to keep any outside interferences from staying out, so in their straight up match, Kid destroyed Prometheus and regained the COOKED Championship once again making him a three time COOKED Champion. Also on that same night, The Black Harts which consisted of Cabal Trantor, Kahn, and Prometheus took on TNA consisting Dutchface, Sylas Styles, and Michael Kid which TNA once again took out The Black Harts and further showing why TNA consisted of the 4 GREATEST talents in the wrestling at the time.

Then at Whiplash, The Black Harts once again fought TNA of Kid, Styles, and Carnage in what could have been the last time Kid and Styles teamed up. That night, Styles was going to fight Kahn which a Number One Contendership was on the line, as well as the circumstance that if Styles lost..he would have to joint he Black Harts. TNA went on to beat the Black Harts that night, but Styles ended up losing to Kahn…and TNA was now rested on the shoulders of Michael Kid.

Not only was Whiplash what was suppose to be Styles last match with TNA, but also Michael Kid and Prometheus were going to settle the score one final time. In their final bout for the COOKED Championship, it was going to be Michael Kid vs. Prometheus in a Three Stages of Hell for the COOKED Title. IN a match consisting of a Hardkore, and Hell in a Cell stipulations, the final stipulation was going to be at random. In the end though, it didn’t even last to a third stage. Michael took Prometheus out in both the Hardkore and Hell in a Cell and won the feud between the two and Kid the score was settled. After their match, Kid extended his arm in respect to Prometheus for having a great series of stellar matches.

Now with TNA on Kid’s shoulders, at COOKED the Black Harts made Styles face Kid and Carnage in a tag match. It was The Black Harts, Mark Cross and Sylas Styles vs. Michael Kid and Carnage. The Black Harts were finally able to pull a victory over the Black Harts…but with a TNA member being forced to wrestle for them. Also during the same night, the VWE Legend Tree came back and Tree and Michael Kid had a match of respect over the COOKED Championship…Kid hoped for another classic as the year before, and although it wasn’t AS good as the year before, Kid proved how much he had improved by “Cutting the Tree Down…”

Tree wasn’t the only VWE legend he would be facing though, as LBK stepped up to the plate for Michael Kid to face at Eliminator Innings. Kid had pretty much no one else to face, as Kid had beaten the best there was to offer. But at Eliminator Innings, LBK was able to capture the COOKED Championship from Kid. And in the same night, Kid who was the 9th Inning Stretch for the Eliminator Inning spot at Wrestlefest, lost to Gung Ho who became the Eliminator Inning’s winner.

Throughout the entire time Kid was in VWE, he didn’t think he was experienced enough to go after the VWE Championship. He figured why go when he had years, and years ahead of him in his career. Many often tried to push him to become a main-eventer, and go for the big belts. Then finally, after his miraculous feud with Prometheus and being hot off the whole season, Kid finally stepped up and challenged Kahn, the VWE Champion, to a match at COOKED. It was a non-title match up, but it was a Last Man Standing Match. Kid had wanted revenge for when Kahn interfered in his match and assisted Proemetheus in beating him. Kid pulled out the win over Kahn, yet still didn’t get any recognition for even doing that. Kid also pulled Dutchface out and the two attempted to go for the Tag Team Championships, but a totally different looking Dutchface who was gone for several months over personal reasons, couldn’t pull the win together.

With Kid’s big win over Kahn, although Kahn didn’t recognize it..the World Champion at the time Chris Lionheart did. So at Summer Submission, it was going to be Michael Kid vs. Chris Lionheart for the VWE World Heavyweight Championship. Michael Kid was climbing the rankings, and was second in the rankings below Chris Lionheat. Kid wanted this match; no he needed this match to define himself as a Main Eventer, and a series-wrestling competitor. Just days before Summer Submission, a dispute over Lionheart and VWE Officials had Lionheart hanging up his VWE Towel, leaving Kid the Number1 ranked Wrestler, as well as a vacant World Championship. But also, Lionheart had been the Lord of the Ring and now with him gone..there was no Lord of the Ring. So VWE Officials placed Gung Ho who faced Lionheart at Lord of the Ring as the Lord of the Ring, and Michael Kid was named the Eliminator Inning’s winner. So at Summer Submission, Kid and 5 of the best VWE Talents that VWE had to offer fought in a tournament, which crowned the World Champion. During the first series, Mafia pulled a quick one over Michael Kid, which left Kid very upset. It was suppose to be his night, if Lionheart wouldn’t have left he would have had a guaranteed shot at the belt…but that was no case now. Kid took a little time off after losing at Summer Submission, but returned soon at Majestic Melee. He was unaware of the situation at foot, as the current VWE Champion, Anjyl, had called out Chessmaster and Michael to challenge for the VWE Championship, but Kid was unaware and was never able to answer the challenge, so at Majestic Melee, Chessmaster went on to win the VWE Championship from Anjyl.

With only weeks left till Wrestlefest, with Kid’s situation at the time, and with Chessmaster’s gloating to Kid that he wont he belt, and that Kid wasn’t the champion.. he started to believe he didn’t deserve to be in the Main Event at Wrestlefest. He had to find out for himself, and he did so by going back to the minor leagues…he went and challenged for the Hardkore Championship, which many of the new talents that made their way through “WTF” had been challenging for. He didn’t win the match, but he felt it was necessary to just participate in the match as he a wrestler…not a fighter…and at Wrestlefest you don’t know what kind of match you will end up in. So although he didn’t win in the Fatal Four for the Hardkore Championship, he started to believe in himself more. But with that, Chessmaster progressed more that Michael didn’t deserve to be in the Main Event because I didn’t officially win any tournament like the others that got their spot in Wrestlefest. So at the last Tap Out of the VWE Season, Michael Kid challenged Chessmaster to a tag match, TNA vs. Chess Club. It’s a feud that had lasted the whole year in reality, TNA dominating The Chess Club early in the year, and it just so happened it happened once again at this last Tap Out.

And it was finally Wrestlefest, Michael Kid’s third Wrestlefest while being in VWE. More than most of the current VWE Roster can say, Kid was in the main event with Sylas Styles, Mafia, Oichi, Chessmaster, and Gung Ho. In the first series, Michael Kid was eliminated second after Gung Ho. Although he may not have won, it gave him a new perspective in VWE. He saw what it’s like to be in the biggest match in VWE history, and to be simply apart of VWE history.


After Wrestlefest, Michael attended the VWE Award Show where TNA was awarded with Best Stable award, and Michael hoped to be named the next VWE legend, but the majority of the vote went to Sylas Styles, which he wasn’t angry about as Sylas is/was his mentor, and he respects Sylas perhaps more than anyone else in the Wrestling World, if not in the “Real World.” After the party, Dutchface invited Michael to come over to Liverpool and chill in Liverpool, which Kid accepted the offer and stayed in Liverpool most of the off-season other than participating in the VWE Intercontinental Tournament which was held in Liverpool. While in Off Season, Kid wrestled quite a bit under European influence, to further him as a wrestler in general.

So although he may have been in the VWE the longest out of the current VWE Roster, he defiantly isn’t tired of it yet. Michael hopes to take his 4th VWE Season a good one. As he is still one of the youngest on the VWE Roster, and has many years ahead of him, Michael Kid hopes to bring home the gold going into Season 6 of VWE…

Championships and Achievements

  • TXCW,
    • TXCW Championship,
  • Virtual Wrestling Entertainment,
    • VWE COOKED Championship (3 Times),
    • VWE Tag Team Champion (1 Time) with Dutchface,

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