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Michael Law is the Invictus Elder, and was the Priscus Harpy for over a century. Brought to the Harpy position to enforce Prestation over abusers of the system, Law retained a methodology of using contracts in an attempt to gaurentee Boons throughout his tenure, a trait which was felt to be punishing everyone for the mistakes of the few. He was removed from his Harpy position in September of 2007. No reason was given for his removal, though it has been widely speculated to have been in retaliation for the removal of status from "the Jarl" for his absence from court (sin against status 4 when he had 5).


On October 6th, 2007, immediately after calling in a Major Boon over then-Prince Ragnar Thrice-born, Michael Law was bloodhunted for the crime of breaking the Masquerade by having the members of the Circle of the Crone removed from their haven and placed in the morgue. No physical evidence of his guilt has ever been uncovered, though several boon contracts showing the Jarl's dried blood continue circulating. There are rumors that at the time a single, active, contract signed in vitae with Michael Law's name and declaring his innocence of breaches of the Traditions also circulated.

Ragnar ultimately stepped down when Kanis stepped forward, claiming Law's support, and much of the City accepted him. As one of his first acts, Kanis revoked the Blood Hunt on Michael Law.

Ragnar continued an ongoing feud with Michael Law since being stripped of status. There are rumors that Michael Law has caused kindred feeding, gatherings, and other actions to be interrupted repeatedly by police because of this feud. Law has also been accused of bringing Ragnar specifically to the direct attention of the mortal authorities and media in connection with his "most wanted" status. Additionally, Michael Law is suspected in the destruction of Yrsa Dennendron and has been accused of aiding Johnny Relic in diablarizing Seamus O'Connel. No evidence linking him to any of these acts has been presented before the City however.

Law’s Guide to Prestation


Played by Ryan, whose previous Crimson Shadow Requiem characters predate the current chronicle and include the Carthian Daeva Aerik Longview and, most recently, the Carthian Ventrue Jeremiah S. Cross.

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