Name: Michele Delacroix

Genre: Occult Horror

Race: Human

Occupation: Doctor

Age: ?

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 158

Description and Character Notes: Michele Delacroix served in Napoleon's army as a regimental doctor and torturer, reknowned for his surgical skill and ability to extract information from prisoners of war and feared for his outlandish fascination with the human body. Some of the soldiers who served with him later claimed that he constructed macabre effegies from the limbs of fallen soldiers and licked the blood from his scalpel during operations.

During a posting on the Eastern Front, Delacroix encountered forces not of this word, things so inexplicable and horrifying that even his excellent memory cannot recall the specifics to this day. Nonetheless, the experience left him changed--left him with the ability to sustain his life indefinately. Today, he still works as a doctor, using the capital earned to perfect his "art" and assume new identities when it is required.

Body: 7

Mind: 10

Soul: 5

Health Points: 60

Energy Points: 75

Shock Value: 12

Combat Value: 12

Defense Value: 10


Highly Skilled 6 Ranks (6x1 = 6)

Focused Damage 5 Ranks (5x1 = 5)

--Barber's Razor Melee Attack

Extra' Attacks' 1 Rank (1x4 = 4)

Personal Gear 1 Rank (1x1 = 1 [1 major items])

--Major Items: Laboratorium

--Minor Items: Surgical kit, morphine supply, revolver, barber's razor.

Heightened Senses 1 Rank (1x1 = 1)


Heightened Awareness 2 Ranks (2x1 = 2)

Combat Mastery 5 Ranks (5x2 = 10)

Reincarnation 3 Ranks (3x3 = 9)

Speed 3 Ranks [+1 init] (3x1 = 3)


Interrogation 5 Ranks (5x2 = 10)

Medical 5 Ranks (5x3 = 15 )

Acrobatics 4 Ranks (4x4 = 16)

Linguistics 4 Ranks (4x1 = 4)

Artisan 5 Ranks (5x2 = 10)

Wilderness Tracking 5 Ranks (5x2 = 10)

Melee Attack 5 Ranks (5x5 = 25)


Skeleton in the Closet 2 Ranks (1x2 = -2)

Bane 1 Rank (1x1 = -1)

--Belief in True Faith

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