Both of my parents are from Indonesia. Even though they are both Indonesian, they met and married here in America. People might want to ask, how did they get here? Or, why did they come? Maybe even, who did they come with? Well, I’ll answer these questions from the story of my mother’s journey.

My mom, Adriana Mawuntu, lived in Manado, Indonesia. Indonesia was, and still is a poor country. Soon, my mom left with her relatives to go to America. It took them a long while to come up with the money to buy plane tickets, because as I said, Indonesia is a poor country. For them, the ride was wonderful. Planes seemed luxurious to them. After many hours, they arrived in California. The climate and humidity in California was almost the same as in Indonesia, My mom and her relatives felt very comfortable in the temperature, but the language seemed confusing to them.

Later in the years, they moved to New Jersey. It was an even more stranger experience to them then California. They thought something was wrong because the weather was changing. It was actually just the seasons changing. Also, the only heard of snow in Indonesia. It was their first time seeing and feeling snow. It was white, cold, and wet. Snow was something was new to them, and they needed to learn to deal with it.

They started to learn the language. Soon, they got used to the changing weather. Snow now seems natural to them. A few years after moving to New Jersey, my mother met my father. America is now their home and our family learns to deal with the changes and new experiences together.

I really like this story because it is unique and gives me a good idea of what your parents went through when they immigrated. The only thing I would change is the opening paragraph where you say that you will answer the questions people might ask. That seems a bit too average. A nice catch phrase or a unique memory related to your parents might capture the readers interest and sum upthew introduction at the same time. Great story though!

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