Michiru Murasaki
Michiru Murasaki
Michiru Murasaki casting a Ninjutsu attack.
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 4'7" (139.7cm)
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Race Asian
Birthday July 13th, 1947 (Cancer)
Birthplace Flag of JapanKyoto, Japan
Hometown Flag of JapanNara, Japan
Affiliation(s) Kusanagi Ninja Clan
Name in Other Languages
Flag of Russia Russian Митиру Мурасаки
Flag of Greece Greek Μίτσιρου Μούρασακι
Flag of Japan Japanese 紫咲みちる
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese
紫路琉 (Zĭ Lùliú)
Flag of the Republic of China Chinese
紫路琉 (Zĭ Lùliú)
Flag of South Korea Korean 무라사키 미치르
Flag of the Arab League Arabic ميتشيرو موراساكي
Flag of Israel Hebrew מיצ׳ירו מוראסאכּי
Flag of India Hindi मीचीरू मूरासाकी

Michiru Murasaki (紫咲みちる Murasaki Michiru?) is a member of the Kusanagi ninja clan. She serves as Alec Langley's ally and, along with Ivanka Rubanenko, love interest in Sapphire Episode II.


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Michiru Murasaki started out as a cop on the Kyoto police force, but was subsequently fired for excessive brutality. While searching for a new output for her investigative abilities, she discovered Daisuke Midori, who introduced her to the Kusanagi ninja clan. She and Daisuke worked happily together until a mission in April of 1982, which took her to a Buddhist monastery in the Wakayama prefecture. After succesfully assassinating a monk suspected of working with the Omega Order, she was abandoned by Daisuke and arrested by the monks of the temple. Only days later, she is rescued by Alec Langley, and the two began to work together.
After sleeping over at her home in Nara, Michiru leaves Alec a note saying that she has been investigating an Osaka-based firm, Sigma Research and Development.



Michiru Murasaki is an expert in the use of ninjutsu. Some of her abilities used in Sapphire Episode II include:

  • Shadow Clone (影分身の術 Kagebunshin no Jutsu?): Michiru summons clones of her that can attack but will disappear after a short time.
  • Water Style: Mist Evasion (水遁・霧状逃げの術 Suiton: Mujūkoge no Jutsu?): Michiru transforms into a cloud of mist. This obscures her opponent's vision, and she can re-form her body anywhere within the cloud.

Conventional Weaponry

In addition to her ninjutsu abilities, she is proficient in many kinds of arms, both traditional and modern. Her specialties are shuriken throwing stars loaded with plastic explosive, the detonator for which is hidden in a sword's handle. Alec uses these against Michiru when she becomes brainwashed by Boris Rubanenko, but does not detonate them.


"Murasaki", Michiru's last name, means the color violet or purple in Japanese. The way her last name is written, "紫咲", means "Violet blossom".[1]

Chinese Name

Michiru's Chinese given name, "Lùliú", means "Grand road" in English and reads "Michiryū" in Japanese.

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