Join Mickey Mouse and his friends as they travel with Mr. Conductor (Ringo Starr) to the enchanted Island of Sodor where they assist Thomas The Tank Engine and his railway friends in battling against the wicked Diesel 10, the villainous P.T. Boomer, and the immature Mortimer Mouse during the midst of a gold dust crisis that keeps the lands of Shining Time Station and the Island of Sodor. With the help of eleven-year-old Lily Stone (Mara Wilson) and her grandfather Burnett Stone (Peter Fonda), they return the magic back to Shining Time Station and the Island of Sodor.

Note: This adventure contains scenes from old/new Mickey Mouse cartoons, old/newThomas The Tank Engine episodes (seasons 1-7) and the original version of Thomas And The Magic Railroad. The scenes of Mr. Conductor are redone with Ringo Starr reprising the role of Mr. Conductor.

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