freddy, do you remmber mickey donald and goofy.  freddy krueger; do i remember them. ha. no i do not remember them. fire in the hole. captine jack sporrow; mickey, donald, goofy. do ya know them. pikachu; yes, sir. .hades; not anymore. get him. scar; who was this guy indi out. bunzie; yhea dr fraink n stain pantsopania.      scar; no, meatball. that,s not pantsopania that,s transomania. bunzie; so what. scar; so what. ok. frainknstain. say fast. hyenas; [fast] frainknstain. scar; not that fast a slower with me. scar and hyenas; fraiknstain. frainknstain. frainknstain. frainknstain. frainknstain for transomania. mickey; there he is. freddy krueger; kill him. jason; so long slackers. donald; all you gotta do is kinnap him.

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