Mickey's Adventures of 101 Dalmatians is a remake of the 1961 version.



Quote/Song #1 The Mob Song:

  • Metal Sonic: The toon will make off with your children, he'll make them die if they laugh!
  • Minnie Mouse: No!
  • Metal Sonic: We're not safe until his head is mounted on my wall; I say we kill the mouse and find the puppies!
  • Horace: We're not safe until he's dead.
  • Jasper: He'll come and make us laugh.
  • Cruella: Since then, he'll be with the puppies.
  • Hades: He will make them laugh if we let him wander free.
  • Metal Sonic: So it's time, to take some action boys; it's time to follow both me and Cruella! Through the mist, through the woods, through the darkness and a shadow, it's a nightmare, but it's one exciting ride. Say a preyer, then we're at the gates, and there's something truley terrible inside. It's a toon. He has red short pants, with buttons, white gloves and yellow shoes. Hear him laugh, hear him sing, but we're not coming home 'till he's dead! Good and dead! Kill the toon!
  • Minnie Mouse: No! I won't let you do this!
  • Metal Sonic: If you're not with us, you're against us! Brin the old men, and put them in the library!
  • Professor Porter: Get your hands off me!
  • Metal Sonic: We can't let them running off to warn their friends!
  • Minnie Mouse: Let us out!
  • Metal Sonic: We'll rid the world of this mouse! Who's with me!
  • Horace: I'am!
  • Jasper: I'am!
  • Cruella: I'am!
  • Hades: I'am!
  • Mob: Get in your vehicle; start them up.
  • Metal Sonic: Screw your courage to a sticking place!
  • Mob: We're counting on Metal Sonic to lead the way. Trough the mists, through the woods, where withen a barn, something's lerking that's you don't see everyday. It's a toon, one as tall as Donald Duck. We won't rest 'till he's good and descead; even those puppies! Sally forth! Tallyho! Grab your hammer, and some bottles! Praise the lord and here we go!
  • Metal Sonic: We'll excies to a barn and bring back their heads!
  • Minnie Mouse: I had to warn them, this is all my fault. Ah, papa, what are we gonna do?
  • Professor Porter: Now, now. We'll think of something.
  • Chip: Ah!
  • Donald Duck: That's it, guys! We can use the ACME Punching Glove, and we'll break down the wall.
  • Goofy: Good idea, Donald!
  • Mob: We don't like what we don't understand in fact, it's scare us and this toon and those dogs are mysterious at least. Birng your bat, bring your safe. Save your children and your wives, we'll save manor and our lives, we'll the toon and those dogs!
  • Cogsworth: I knew it. I knew it was foolish to get our hopes up.
  • Lumiere: Maybe it would've better if we never come to London at all!
  • Pluto, Pongo, and Predita: [all barking]
  • Lumiere: Could it be?
  • Mrs. Potts: Is it she?
  • Lumiere: Sacure Blure! Invaders!
  • Cogsworth: Incriders!
  • Mrs. Potts: And they have the mirror!
  • Cogsworth: Warn Mickey! And dalmatians, hide! If it's a fight they want, we'll be ready for them! Who's with me? Ahh!
  • Metal Sonic: Take whatever booty you can find, but remember, the mouse and puppies are mine and Mrs. Devil!
  • Objects: Hearts ablaze, banners high! We go marching into battle unfraid, although danger just increased!
  • Mob: Raise the flag! Sing the song! Here we come, we're strong, and we can't be wrong! Let's kill the toon and find the puppies!
  • Mrs. Potts: Pardon me, Mickey.
  • Mickey Mouse: I'm so sorry, Mrs. Potts. I can't do it.
  • Mrs. Potts: But, sir, Densver is under attack!
  • Mob: Kill the toon and find the puppies!
  • Lumiere: This isn't working!
  • Fif: Oh, Lumiere, we must do something.
  • Lumiere: Wait, I know!
  • Mob: Kill the toon and find the puppies!
  • Mrs. Potts: What shall we do, Mickey?
  • Mickey Mouse: I don't know right now, Mrs. Potts. Just let them come, and I'll beat them up!
  • Mob: Kill the toon, and one more thing, find the puppies!

Quote #2: After The Mob Song:

  • Jasper: You just have to let those puppies, those toons and the enchanted objects getting away. Never pay attention!
  • Horace: Oh, where was you?
  • Jasper: Where? I was not splashing at the pond! It was in fluring in your old bag, and if we don't get those puppies, the toons, and enchanted objects back, it's quite litertly our heads! Oh, come on! Right, you better go out and check the tail pipe, we got ourselves a condesation problem.
  • Horace: One of these days, I will gonna be foul up of you.
  • Jasper: Oh!


  • Characters from Beauty and the Beast and Tarzan guest stars in this film.
  • Metal Sonic guest stars working with Horace, Jasper, Cruella and Mr. Skinner alongside Hades.
  • Songs from Beauty and the Beast will use.

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