Mickey's Band Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck Tweety Sylvester Elmer Fudd Big Bird Snuffy Oscar the Grouch Elmo Ernie Bert Zoe Abby Cadabby Tiffy Tita Samson Alfa Bjarne Max Mekker Yogi Bear and Boo Boo Bear

Agrabah Band (Aladdin Units) Rechov Sumsum Iftah Ya Simsim Phineas and Ferb and Family Guy

Under the Sea Float (The Little Mermaid Units) Mermaid Barbie Mermaid Strawberry Shortcake Mermaid Polly Pocket Mermaid Waverly and Friends Timmy Turntrout Nemo Dory Marlin Bruce and Crush

Mexico Band (The Three Caballeros Units) Rosita Abelardo the Crocodile Abelardo Montoya Espinete Iago and Zazu

Princess Float (Disney Princess Units) Raggedy Ann Billie and Her Mother Lumiere Cogsworth Mrs. Potts and Chip

Jungle Band Baloo It Zwibble Dibbles Kermit the Frog King Gator Dora the Explorer and Blu

New Orleans Float (The Princess and the Frog Units) Louis Charlie Itchy Anne-Marie Harold Kate Carface Killer and Ray

Neverland Band (Peter Pan Units) Lilo & Stitch and Gravity Falls

Step in Time Laugh Float (Mary Poppins Units) Alice Kat and Ana Gordon Susan Miles Chris Luis Maria Gabi Alan Bob Gina Gary Mary Walter Blue's Clues Popeye Betty Boop Felix the Cat Woody Woodpecker Baby Huey Casper Cobb Tu Fred Moose Little Lulu Little Audrey Mighty Mouse Buzzy Crow Dancing Hippos Cosmo and Wanda Leo Annie Quincy June Three Little Pigs Grease Dumbo Winnie the Pooh and Friends Pink Elephants Heffalumps and Woozles Pinocchio Geppetto Jiminy Cricket and Others

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