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In Mickey's house of villains 2, There might be the other villains like:

  • Jafar from The return of jafar because Jafar is the leader of the villains,
  • Sa'Luk & Razoul from Aladdin and the king of thieves,
  • Texas pete from Superted,
  • Dr. Frost from The further adventures of superted,
  • Abis mal from The return of jafar,
  • Dr. Facilier from The princess and the frog,
  • Cliff Vandercave
  • Carrigan Crittenden
  • Scrappy-Doo
  • Dr. Jonathan Jacobo
  • Chapman
  • Dallas Grimes
  • Lord Dargis

  • Desmond Spellman
  • The ringmaster from Dumbo
  • Amos slade from The fox and the hound

Classic Cartoons:

  • Trouble with Ghosts in 1981
  • Superted at creepy castle in 1982
  • The Zombie Awakes in 1993
  • Superted's dream in 1982
  • Dougal And Florence Meet The Monster in 1965
  • Huxley pig and the sea monster in 1990
  • Copters and Robbers in 1994

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