In 1850, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Mickey's dog Pluto are street urchins, who, while being robbed by masked bandits (played by the Beagle Boys) and are saved by the Royal Musketeers, Athos, Aramis, Porthos and d'Artagnan. Afterward, Athos gives his hat to Mickey as a souvenir. The urchins are inspired to be great musketeers some day. In 1860, the three are working as janitors in the palace, still dreaming of becoming musketeers, despite their flaws: Donald is a "coward" (who turns into a chicken whenever he is frightened), Goofy is a "doofus" (who constantly causes mayhem and destruction through his bumbling), and Mickey is "just too small", according to Captain Pete of the Royal Musketeers. This leaves the three downhearted, but still hopeful in succeeding in their dream. The Beagles run to tell their boss, Pete, that they were not successful in dropping the safe on Minnie. An enraged Pete yells at his idiotic henchmen, telling them they were supposed to kidnap the princess and keep her "safe" before the opera The Pirates of Penzance, which is when he plans to take over the kingdom (this is accompanied by a running gag: whenever Pete mentions "the opera", a poster of the opera is shown, and an operatic voice sings). Just then, Pete's lieutenant, Clarabelle Cow, tells Pete that Princess Minnie requests his presence. Pete goes to the princess, who tells him that she wants musketeer bodyguards. Pete, knowing that skilled musketeers would jeopardize his kidnap plans, appoints Mickey, Donald, and Goofy to protect her as he knows they will be easy to get rid of. While Minnie and Daisy (Minnie's lady-in-waiting), protected by Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, go on a journey, they are ambushed by the Beagle Boys. Donald hides and is eventually thrown off the carriage, and Goofy is easily defeated, leaving Mickey to fight the intruders. Mickey is also defeated, leaving the three heroes stranded. Mickey encourages his friends not to lose hope and they rush to rescue Minnie and Daisy. At the entrance to a tall tower, Goofy tells his fellow musketeers to stand back so he can break down the door, but Mickey opens it before he can stop, which sends Goofy rolling past the Beagle Boys and out of the tower. Outside, Goofy bounces off a tree, gets kicked by a cow and is thrown by a windmill back into the tower, and goes rolling past the Beagle Boys again. When Mickey and Goofy are trapped with the Beagle Boys, Goofy gets the idea to do the same thing again with Mickey and they manage to knock the Beagles out of the tower and rescue Minnie and Daisy. After Mickey unties Minnie and makes her laugh, the two fall in love. Pete is furious that the Beagle Boys failed in their task and realizes that the three protagonists are more of a threat than he originally anticipated. While on night duty, Goofy is lured away from the palace by Clarabelle. The Beagle Boys capture Donald, but he escapes. Donald discovers that Pete is actually trying to kidnap Minnie and rule France. He tells Mickey Pete's true personality and leaves him by himself. Mickey is then captured by Pete, who chains him up in a dungeon in Mont Saint-Michel that will flood when the tide comes in. Meanwhile, Clarabelle is about to throw a chained up Goofy to his death off a bridge. Goofy flirts with her, and wins her heart with his "numbskull charm". She pulls him up and they kiss. The two plummet towards the river, but land in Donald's boat, destroying it in the process. Goofy tries to convince Donald that they have to save Mickey but he is too scared to try. An insulting song by Troubadour, however, makes him change his mind and Donald decides to rescue Mickey before he drowns and they manage to rescue their friend. Outside the Paris Opéra, Minnie is captured by the Beagle Boys. The smallest one poses as her, announcing to the public that she is handing the crown over to a gleeful Pete. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy arrive and battle Pete onstage; teaming up, they show Pete that each flaw he pointed out about them can be compensated for by their friendship, defeating him. The Princess is now safe, with a greatful France cheering the musketeers (Pete and the Beagle Boys' fate is left unclear, but it can be presumed they are imprisoned, or managed to escape). Mickey and Minnie finally declare their love for one another, as do the others; Daisy now loves Donald as well. As they were false musketeers until this point, Minnie dubs Mickey, Donald and Goofy true royal musketeers.


  • Oritel as Mickey Mouse
  • Mike as Donald Duck
  • Palladium as Goofy
  • Kiko as Pluto
  • Marion as Minnie Mouse
  • Vanessa as Daisy Duck
  • Avalon as Pete the Cat
  • Griselda as Clarabelle
  • Lord Darkar, Anagan, Valtor as The Beagle Boys
  • Professor Wizgiz as Troubadour

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