Mickey, Lumiere, and the Snow, retitled Lumiere the Candle for American audiences, is the 13th episode of Mickey the Mouse and Friends (FlyingDuckManGenesis' Version). It is a parody of the Thomas & Friends episode, Thomas, Terence, and the Snow/Terence the Tractor.


  • Mickey Mouse (From Mickey Mouse) as Thomas
  • Mia and Tia (From Cars) as Annie and Clarabel
  • Lumiere (From Beauty and the Beast) as Terence
  • An Animator as Thomas' Driver
  • Various Passengers as Themselves
  • Pluto as Bertie (No Talking Role)


Narrator: "Autumn had come to Disneyland. The fields were changing from yellow stubble to brown earth, and a candle was hard at work as Mickey puffed along.

Later, Mickey saw the candle close by."

Lumiere: "Hello."

Narrator: "Said the candle."

Lumiere: "I'm Lumiere. I'm plowing."

Mickey: "I'm Mickey. My cars and I are taking passengers. What an ugly body you've got."

Lumiere: "I'm not ugly! I'm a candle."

Narrator: "Said Lumiere."

Lumiere: "I can go anywhere. I don't need the road."

Mickey: "I don't want to go anywhere."

Narrator: "Said Mickey."

Mickey: "I like my road, thank you."

Narrator: "Winter came with dark clouds full of snow."

Mickey's Animator: "I don't like it."

Narrator: "Said Mickey's Animator."

Mickey's Animator: "A heavy fall is coming. I hope it doesn't stop us."

Mickey: "Puh."

Narrator: "Said Mickey."

Mickey: "Soft stuff. Nothing to it."

Narrator: "And he puffed off, feeling cold but confident.

They finished their journey safely, but by now, the country was covered."

Mickey's Animator: "You'll need your snow pants for the next journey, Mickey."

Narrator: "Said his animator."

Mickey: "Puh! Snow is silly soft stuff. It won't stop me."

Narrator: "The snow pants were heavy and uncomfortable and made Mickey cross. He shook them, and he banged them, and when he got back, they were so damaged that his animator had to take them off."

Mickey's Animator: "You're a very naughty mouse!"

Narrator: "He said to Mickey.

Next morning, Mickey's animator came early, and worked hard to mend the snow pants, but he couldn't make them fit.

Mickey was pleased."

Mickey: "I shan't have to wear them! I shan't have to wear them!"

Narrator: "He puffed to Mia and Tia. But they were rather worried."

Mia and Tia: "I hope it's all right. I hope it's all right."

Narrator: "They whispered to each other.

Mickey's animator was worried, too."

Mickey's Animator: "It's not bad here,"

Narrator: "He said,"

Mickey's Animator: "But it's sure to be deep in the valley!"

Mickey: "Silly soft stuff."

Narrator: "Puffed Mickey."

Mickey: "I didn't need those stupid things yesterday, and I shan't today. Snow can't stop me!"

Narrator: "He rushed into a tunnel, thinking how clever he was, but there was trouble ahead."

Mickey: "Hot dog!"

Narrator: "Said Mickey."

Mickey: "I'm stuck!"

Narrator: "And he was.

Mickey's Animator: "Back, Mickey, back!"

Narrator: "Said his animator.

Mickey tried, but his feet spun and he couldn't move.

Mickey's animator went for help, while everyone else tried to dig the snow away. But as fast as they dug, more snow slid down until Mickey was nearly buried."

Mickey: "Oh my legs and tail! I shall have to stop here till' I'm frozen. What a silly mouse I am!"

Narrator: "And Mickey began to cry.

At last, a dog came to rescue the passengers, and then, who should come to Mickey's rescue but Lumiere! Snow never worries him.

He pulled the empty cars away, then came back for Mickey.

Mickey's feet were clear, but still spun when he tried to move.

Lumiere tugged and slipped and slipped and tugged, and at last dragged Mickey clear of the snow, ready for the journey home."

Mickey: "Thank you, Lumiere. Your body is splendid."

Narrator: "Said Mickey."

Mickey's Animator: "I hope you'll be sensible now, Mickey."

Narrator: "Said his animator."

Mickey: "I'll try."

Narrator: "Said Mickey, and he puffed humbly away."

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Mickey Goes Fishing

Next Episode

Mickey & Pluto/Mickey & Pluto's Great Race


  • Footage Copyright: The Walt Disney Company, Pixar

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