Mickey Mouse: Leo, June and Quincy, What are you guys doing here.

Daffy Duck: Hello.

Leo: Gee, It's sure is Cold in there.

June: I said so Leo.

Quincy: Wait a munite.

Leo and June: What is it Quincy.

Quincy: Oh, Never mind.

June: Pheww, Mickey Mouse is that a cell phone.

Mickey Mouse: Exactly June.

Yogi Bear: Coming Through.

Bugs Bunny: Ehh! What's up doc!

Yoig Bear: What.

Donald Duck: Umm, Mickey.

Mickey Mouse: Yes, Donald.

Donald Duck: I have an idea, You got a Ringtone for Bugs.

Mickey Mouse: OK, Donald.

June: Yogi, What are you doing here.

Yogi Bear: June, For the last time, There is no way to say that way.

June: What did you just say.

Yogi Bear (happy): I said, You're a Little Einstein, Huh kid.

June: (Her tears welling up in her eyes), Top Cat, I don't is the funny, Did Yogi Bear make me sad, Yes.

(June crying)

Yogi Bear: June, Listen i'm a Bear.

(June begin to sob into her hands)

June: OK.

Mickey Mouse: Huh.

Goofy: Hey, Mickey.

Mickey Mouse: Goofy, what are you doing.

Goofy: Cats talk in the movie.

Mickey Mouse: Tom and Jerry The Movie.

Goofy: Tom.

Tom: Wait, I'm a talking Cat.

Mickey Mouse: Tom and Jerry The Magic Ring, June, There's a brown Mouse on your head.

(June look at Jerry)

Leo: June, What's with a mouse on your head.

June: Jerry.

Jerry: squeak.

Quincy: I cannot believe it.

Leo: Jerry said, June, a mouse from The Magic Ring.

Roger Rabbit: Little Einsteins and Hanna Barbera what about Teletubbies in Teletubbyland.

June: Roger Rabbit, What are you doing here, you're a toon rabbit.

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