In this version, Mickey and friends absorb the powers of the Avengers during a thunderstorm at the House of Mouse when the Aveners are knocked out cold. Mickey and the gang assuming the roles must defend crime against the enemies of the actual Avengers and some of their own enemies.


Mickey Mouse-Iron Man (leader)

Gopher-The Hulk

Goofy-Captain America

Darkwing Duck as himself 

Donald Duck-Ant-Man

Launchpad McQuack-Thor


Minnie Mouse-Black Widow

Fethry Duck-Falcon

Daisy Duck-Wasp

Magica de Spell, Pete, Ma Beagle, Big Bad Wolf, Megavolt, and Quackerjack-"The Fiends" (group made for this version)

Negaduck as himself (helps Mickey and friends but minorly)

Scrooge McDuck, Owl, Eega Beeva and Grammi Gummi as themselves but posing as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents


  • This version will have additional members not seen in the 2012 live-action Avengers movie but has characters from the animated TV series.
  • Darkwing Duck is in the group since he wanted to help his friends out but only wanted to be himself.

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