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Oswald Rabbit = Yakko

Mickey Mouse = Wakko

Minnie Mouse = Dot

Hades (Hercules) = Pinky

The Huntsman (Snow White) = Brain

Huey Duck = Pesto

Dewey Duck = Bobby

Louie Duck = Squit

Daisy Duck = Slappy

Donald Duck = Skippy

Pluto = Buttons

Webby Vanderquack (Ducktales) = Mindy

Clarabelle Cow = Rita

Goofy = Runt

Ludwig Von Drake = Dr. Scratchansniff

Glittering Goldie (Ducktales) = Hello Nurse

Fanny Cottontail (Oswald's sweetheart) = Minerva Mink

Scrooge = Plotz

Pete = Ralph

More coming soon

Cast 2

Mickey Mouse = Yakko

Minnie Mouse = Hello Nurse

Goofy = Wakko

Clarabelle Cow = Minerva

Donald Duck = Dr. Scratchansniff (They both fit perfectly)

Daisy Duck = Dot

Chip = Squit

Dale = Pesto

Roger Rabbit = Bobby

Julius = Pinky

Pete = Brain

Panchito Pistoles = Slappy

Jiminy Cricket = Skippy

Aracuan Bird = Rita

Horace Horsecollar = Runt

Scrooge = Plotz

Launchpad McQuack = Ralph

Fifi the Peke = Mindy

Pluto = Buttons

More coming soon

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