• Mickey Mouse as Kendall
  • Donald Duck as James
  • Goofy as Carlos
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as Logan
  • Amelia Fieldmouse as Katie (their brothers are the main characters)
  • Peg Pete as Kelly
  • Pete as Gustavo (they're both fat and hot-headed)
  • Clarabelle Cow as Mrs. Knight
  • Minnie Mouse as Jo
  • Ortensia the Cat as Camille
  • Scrooge McDuck as Griffin (they're both greedy)
  • Launchpad McQuack as Griffin's assitant
  • Willie the Giant as Freight Train
  • Principal Mazur as Mr. Bitters
  • Gene the Genie as Buddha Bob
  • Horace Horsecollar as Fabio
  • Mortimer Mouse as Jett
  • Fanny Cottontail as Lucy
  • Penny Pooch as Stephanie
  • Pluto as Lightning (they're both dogs)
  • Bubba the Cave Duck as Tyler
  • Betina Beakley as Tyler's mom
  • Chief O'Hara as Carlos' dad
  • Clara Cluck, Sylvia Marpole, and Hyacinth Hippo as the Jennifers
  • Panchito Pistoles as Guitar Dude
  • Jose Carioca as TJ
  • Ludwig Von Drake as Dr. Hollywood
  • Flintheart Glomgold as Hawk
  • Magica De Spell as Rebecca
  • The Duck Avenger as Bandana Man
  • Super Goof as El Hombre Del Flaming Space Rock Man
  • Daisy Duck as Selana
  • Powerline as Babylace

More ideas?

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