• Mickey Mouse as Jago (Mickey and Jago are the main characters!)
  • Goofy Goof as TJ Combo (Goofy and TJ Combo are sidekicks and sometimes both clumsiness!) 
  • Donald Duck as Chief Thunder (Donald and Thunder are both always good but no madness, sometimes clumsiness!) 
  • Minnie Mouse as B. Orchid (Minnie and Orchid are both girlfriends to Mickey and Jago!) 
  • Gladstone Gander as Riptor (Gladstone Gander and Riptor are both grouchy!) 
  • Humphrey the Bear as Sabrewulf (Humphrey and Sabrewulf both love to eat!) 
  • Mortimer Mouse as Glacius (Mortimer and Glacius are barely both rivals to Mickey and Jago!) 
  • Zeke the Wolf as Cinder (Both evil!) 
  • Pete as Fulgore (Pete and Fulgore are the main villains!) 
  • Big Bad Wolf as Spinal (Big Bad Wolf and Spinal are both nasty and bodyguards to Pete and Fulgore!) 
  • Merlock the Magician as Eyedol (Both are bad!) 

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