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Donald Duck As Woody

Mickey Mouse As Buzz Lightyear

Goofy As Mr. Potato Head

Mortimer Mouse As Slinky Dog

Jose Carioca As Rex

Robin Hood (Robin Hood 1973) As Evil Emperor Zurg

Marie Berlioz And Toulouse (The Aristocats 1970) As The Squeeze Toy Alien Trio

Panchito Pistoles As Wheezy

- Warp Darkmatter - Willie Weasel

- Little Green Alien Trio - Marie Berlioz And Toulouse (The Aristocats 1970)

Captured Little Green Alien Trio - Figaro (Pinocchio 1940) Oliver (Oliver And Company 1988) & Dinah (Alice In Wonderland 1951)

Robin Hood (Robin Hood 1973) As Evil Emperor Zurg

Brain Pods - Bigtime Beagle Burger Beagle Bouncer Beagle Baggy Beagle And Book Worm Beagle (DuckTales)

Grubs - Babyface Beagle, Bugle Beagle, and Bankjob Beagle (DuckTales)

Princess Mira Nova - Jake's Mom(From Fievel American Tail)

Commander Nebula - Jake's Dad (From Fievel American Tail)

Red Alien Lizard - Loopy the hare,

Space Ranger getting hit - Chester the Cat

Booster - Darkwing Duck

- Various Squeeze Toy Aliens - Various Cartoon Kittens

XR - Daily Nibbler (From An American Tail: The Mystery of The Night Monster 1999)

Brain Pods (Other) Thumper (A Bug's Life)

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