• Narrator: All this has happened before, and it will all happen again. But this time it happened in Pennsylvania. It happened on a quiet street in Bloomsberry. That corner house over there is the home of the Duck family. And Mickey Mouse chose this particular house, because there were animals here who believed in him. There was Mrs. Duck.

(In the parent's room, a female duck with white feathers came in the room. She had a bow on her head, a bill, and black eyes. Right now, she was wearing a pink underdress. She was known as Daisy Duck, and she was putting on lipstick in front of the mirror for a party.)

  • Daisy/Mary Darling: (humming) Donald, dear, do hurry! We musn't be late for the party you know.
  • Narrator: Mrs. Duck believed that Mickey Mouse was the spirit of youth. But Mr. Duck...

(In the parents' beue hat, and blue shirt. He was known as Donald Duck. At the moment, he was searching through his drawers for his gold cuff links.)

  • Donald/George Darling: Daisy, unless I find my cufflinks, we don't go to the party. And if we don't go to the party, I can never show my face in the office again. And if I can never show- (groans)
  • Narrator: Well, Mr. Duck was a practical man. The duckling boys, however, Plucky and Baby Daffy, believed Mickey Mouse was a real character, and made him of the hero of all their nursery games.

(In the window of the nursery, we see two shadows fighting the other with wooden toy swords. One has one in its left hand and a stool on its right foot while the other has another in its right hand.)

(One of the shadows belonged to an 8-year-old duckling with green fur, black eyes, a green tail, and a bill. He was wearing a blue bandana tied around his head and a yellow pajama set with red stripes consisting of a long-sleeved shirt and pants. He was known as Plucky Duck, and he was the one holding the toy sword in his left hand and the stool taped to his right foot.)

(The other shadow belonged to a 6-year-old duckling cub. H'e had brown fur, black eyes, a black tail, and a bill, and a two-piece pajama set consisting of a yellow long-sleeved shirt with red polka-dots and yellow footed pants with red polka dots. She was known as Baby Daffy Duck, and she was the one with the toy sword in her right hand.

  • Plucky/John: Blast you, Mickey Mouse!
  • Baby Duck/Michael: Take that! Give up, Captain Pete? Give up?
  • Plucky/John: Never! (pulling open a drawer that is under Baby Daffy's pajama-clad feet) I'll teach you to cut off me foot!

(Just about then, an 18-year-old white duck, named Tina Duck,walked in. She had bill, black eyes, brown hair,  and a white tail. She was also wearing a pink bow and nightgown with white ruffles and slippers and carrying a jug.)

  • Tina/Wendy: (chuckling) Oh no, Plucky. It was the right foot.
  • Plucky/John: Oh yes. Thank you, Tina.
  • Narrator: Tina Duck, the eldest, not only believed, she was the supreme authority on Mickey Mouse and all Tina/Wendy: Oh, Pluto, must we always take that nasty tonic?

(A dog with yellow-orange fur, floppy black ears, a thin black tail, and a black nose wearing a green collar, named Pluto, walked in with a tray consisting of a bottle of tonic and three spoons.)

  • Narrator: Pluto the butler, being a dog, kept his opinions to himself and viewed the whole affair with a certain tolerance.
  • Baby Daffy/Michael: Take that!
  • Plucky/John: Insolent mouse, I'll slash you to ribbons!
  • Baby Daffy/Michael: And I'll cut you to pieces! Aha!
  • Plucky/John: Ouch! Careful, Baby Daffy! You almost broke my bill!
  • Baby Daffy/Michael: I'm sorry, Plucky.
  • Plucky/John: Ah! You'll never leave this ship alive!
  • Baby Daffy/Michael: Oh yes, I will! Take that!
  • Plucky/John: Scuttle me bones, Mickey! I'll slit your gizzard!
  • Baby Daffy/Michael: Oh no, you won't! Back, back, back, you villain!
  • Plucky/John: Insolent pup!
  • Baby Daffy/Michael: Wicked pirate!
  • Plucky/John: Aha! I gotcha!
  • Baby Daffy/Michael: You didn't, either. You never touched me. Take that! And that! And that!

(Pretending he was dead, Plucky placed his hand over his chest, groaned a fake death groan, and fell to the floor.)

  • Donald/George: (walking in) Cubs, cubs, less noise, please!
  • Plucky/John: Oh, hello, Papa.
  • Baby Daffy/Michael: You old bilge rat!
  • Donald/George: Wha, wha, what? Now see here, Baby Daffy!
  • Plucky/John: Oh, not you, Papa. You see, he's Mickey Mouse.
  • Baby Daffy/Michael: And Plucky's Captian Pete.
  • Donald/George: Yes, yes, of course. Er...have you seen my cuff... Oh, Pluto, for goodness' sake! Where are those cuff links?
  • Plucky/John: Cuff links, father?
  • Donald/George: Yes, the gold ones.
  • Plucky/John: Baby Daffy, the buried treasure. Where is it?
  • Baby Daffy/Michael: I don't know.
  • Plucky/John: The map, then. Where's the treasure map.
  • Baby Daffy/Michael: It got lost.
  • Donald/George: Good heavens! My shirt front!
  • Baby Daffy/Michael: Hooray! You found it! You found it!
  • Donald/George: Yes, so I have. And hereafter,...don't paw me, Baby Daffy. This is my last! No!

(Daisy, now wearing a purple evening gown, an amethyst necklace, matching earrings, and lavender evening gloves with make-up, walked in the nursery.)

  • Daisy/Mary: Donald, Dear, we really must hurry or we'll be late.
  • Donald/George: Daisy, look!
  • Daisy/Mary: Daffy!
  • Baby Daffy/Michael: It's only chalk, father.
  • Daisy/Mary: Why, Baby Daffy...
  • Plucky/John: It's not her fault, it's in the story. And Daisy said...
  • Donald/George: Tina? Story? I might have known. Tina?! TINA!
  • Tina/Wendy: Yes, father?
  • Donald/George: Would you kindly explain...
  • Tina/Wendy: Oh, mother! You look simply lovely!
  • Daisy/Mary: Thank you, dear.
  • Donald/George: Daisy...
  • Daisy/Mary: Just my old gown made over, but it did turn out all right, and I...
  • Donald/George: Daisy, if you don't mind! I'd...
  • Tina/Wendy: Why, father! What have you done to your shirt?
  • Donald/George: What have I? (groans)
  • Daisy/Mary: Now, Donald, really! It comes right off.
  • Donald/George: That's no lie! Tina! Haven't I warned you, stuffing the ducklings' heads with a lot of silly stories!
  • Tina/Wendy: Oh, but they aren't.
  • Donald/George: I say they are! Captian Poot! Mickey Monster!
  • Tina/Wendy: Mickey Mouse, father.
  • Donald/George: Mouse, monster, poppycock!

(Tina' and Plucky and Baby Daffy began protesting at once.)

  • Donald/George: ABSOLUTE POPPYCOCK! And let me tell you, this ridiculous...
  • Daisy/Mary: (about to do his purple necktie) Now, Daffy...
  • Donald/George: Now, Donald! Now, Donald! (doing his necktie himself, only to make a furious tangle) WELL, "NOW, DONALD" WILL HAVE HIS SAY!
  • Daisy/Mary: (fixing his necktie neatly) Please, dear.
  • Donald/George: Daisy, the child's growing up! It's high time she had a room of her own!
  • Tina/Wendy: Father!
  • Daisy/Mary: Donald!
  • Plucky/John: What?
  • Baby Daffy/Michael: No.

(The blocks fell out of Pluto's mouth as he gasped in shock.)

  • Donald/George: I mean it! Young lady, this is your last night in the nursery! And that's my last word on the matter!

(He turned to leave, but he tripped over Pluto. The dog tried to run, but he was unaware that he was being knocked into the blocks by Donald again. Pluto tripped on a toy wagon and passed it to Donald, who was now standing on the wagon.)

  • Donald/George: No!

(Pluto was sent rolling across the nursery, and knocked back as Donald was sent flying as the handle of the toy wagon made a rip in the rug.)

  • Donald/George: NO!

(And with a large crash, he crashed into a drawer, and Pluto bumped into a wall. Some toys fell from the drawer and onto his head.)

  • Tina/Wendy, Plucky/John, Baby Daffy/Michael, and Diasy/Mary: Oh!

(Donald'  is happy thinking it's him they feel sorry for him, but, instead, they run over to Pluto )

  • Tina/Wendy, Plucky/John, Baby Daffy/Michael, and Daisy/Mary: Poor Pluto!
  • Donald/George: Poor Pluto? (standing up and pointing to the half-open door) This is the last straw! Out! OUT, I SAY!
  • Baby Daffy/Michael: (embracing Pluto) No, father, no!
  • Donald/George: Yes! (dragging Pluto across the nursery with Sister Bear still clinging to him) THERE'LL BE NO MORE DOGS FOR BUTLERS IN THIS HOUSE!

(Daisy just picks up Baby Daffy)

(Baby Daffy begins to cry)

  • Baby Daffy/Michael: Goodbye, Pluto. (Pluto waves back.)
  • Donald/George: (dragging Pluto outside) Poor Pluto! Oh yes, poor Pluto! But poor father? Oh no! Blast it! Where is that rope? (He turned to see Pluto with the rope in his mouth.) Oh, thank you. (As he was tying the rope onto Pluto's collar, he noticed a disappointed look on the dog's face.) Oh, dash it all, Pluto! D-don't look at me like that. (getting them bowls of water from the water fountain) It's nothing personal, its just that, well, you're not really a butler at all you're, well, a dog. And the children aren't puppies, they're ducks. And sooner or later, Pluto (patting Pluto on the head) bears and mice have to grow up.

(Then he walked away, leaving Pluto sad, disappointed, and discouraged.)

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