Mickey and Minnie go to a video store where Mickey sees a 1994 Sesame Street 25th Anniversary Edition VHS. He wants it but Minnie says no. So Mickey starts bawling and the next day Mickey sees a 1993 Percy train. He wants it but Minnie says no again, so Mickey starts throwing another big tantrum and Goofy tells Minnie to get them for Mickey but then Mickey and his friends are watching the 1994 Sesame Street 25th Anniversary Edition VHS. and playing with 1993 Percy train


Narrated by Sebastian Cabot who voiced Sir Ector in "The Sword In The Stone" and Bagheera in "The Jungle Book".


  • Narrator: One day, Mickey and Minnie Mouse went to a Video store, when Mickey saw a 1994 Sesame Street 25th Anniversary Edition VHS, he went crazy!
  • Mickey: Can I have this tape?
  • Minnie: Nah!
  • Mickey: But, But.........(wails loudly) WAAHHHHH!!!!!! I WANT THAT 1994 SESAME STREET 25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION VHS!!!!!!! WAHAHA!!!!!!
  • Minnie Mouse: YOU MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mickey Mouse: But I still want that tape!!! WAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
  • Mickey Mouse: (wrecks the video store) WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
  • Narrator: The next day, Mickey and Minnie went to the toy store and Mickey saw a retired 1993 Percy train.
  • Mickey: Can I have that retired 1993 Percy?
  • Minnie: NO!!! IT'S A PHONY!
  • Minnie: YOU MUST DIE, MICKEY!!!!
  • Mickey: (wrecks the toy store) WAAAAAAAA!!!!
  • Narrator: Then, Goofy talked to Minnie He is Cross
  • Goofy: You should let Mickey have the 1994 Sesame Street 25th Anniversary VHS and 1993 Percy train!
  • But you punished Mickey.
  • Minnie Mouse: Alright We will get them for Mickey
  • Narrator: So Mickey Minnie Donald And Goofy watched 1994 Sesame Street 25th Anniversary and play with 1993 VHS
  • Goofy: I will put in the tape
  • Mickey Mouse: Okay

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