Here is the deleted scene with the original printwork.


(Mickey drives out of the magic dirt mound and pulls up behind Babs Bunny.)

(Pete suddenly appears far behind driving his van. Horace and Jasper are behind him, driving their truck.)

Pete: AHA! It's Mickey! And look's who is with him! Horsper! Come and destroy!

Horace: No boss. Do it yourself.

Jasper: Yes yes. Do it yourself.

(Sea Rouge emerges from the magic mound and lands ontop of Pete's van.)

Sea Rouge: That make TWO of us!

Mickey: Run, Babs, quickly, and I'm going to help you!

(Merlin jumps into Babs' racecar's trunk and starts the engine.)

Merlin: So am I Babs Bunny I'll not let you down again!.

(he starts the engine Babs Bunny drives off. Mickey jumps into his Racecar and follows.)

Prince Eric: Watch for the bridge! It is too dangeorus to cross!

(Pete race by with Sea Rouge on his van's roof.)

Prince Eric: Ahhhh!

Flounder: What's the matter?

Prince Eric: Babs. That bunny rabbit's name is Babs Bunny: She's part of the clue to the sorce of the...

Prince Eirc and Flounder:...Gold Dust! Ahhhhhh!

Sea Rouge: Now I'll get you, Merlin , and that bunny rabbit with her racecar too!

Merlin: No you won't, Sea Rouge! Because the magic you refuse to believe in, will get the better of you!

Pete: You can drive, but you can't hide! Right, Pinchy?

(Laughs Evilly)

Pete: Pinchy's hungry.

(He extended Pinchy towards Mickey)

Mickey: Ooh! Get back!

(Catches up with Babs)

Merlin: Come on, Babs.

(Babs speeds up her racecar)

Sea Rouge: Coming' second out!

Pete: Coming, puffball!

(Laughs Evilly. They go past the watermill and into the tunnel)

Pete: Look out! Here I come! Duck, Pinchy!

Sea Rouge: Duck!

(Babs and Mickey are away from Pete)

Pete: Aha, now I'll get you! I like my lunch steamed!

(Pete goes under a bridge. Get closer to Mickey and tries to grab him. Growls. They go over another bridge and under Donald, who is pulling a goods wagon)

Donald: What the--?

(Merlin looks at Sea Rouge, who takes off his headlamps)

Sea Rouge: Hey, Merlin! The headlamps are off.

(Throws the headlamps at Merlin and a gesture with his smokes. Babs and Mickey arrive at the bridge, which is collasping)

Merlin: Well, Babs. This is your Shining Time, too.

Babs: With your help!

Mickey: Come on, Babs. Little toons can do big things!

(Babs goes across the bridge, which grows wider. Mickey follows her. A stone falls and Babs crosses safely. More stones fell, making a gap. Mickey slowly goes to the gap and drives through. Two pieces of arch fall. making a big one)

Merlin: Well done, Mickey! Well done!

(Babs honks her racecar's horn. Mickey honks his racecar's horn in delight. Pete and Sea Rouge see the gap. Sea Rouge takes off his goggles, puts them back on and gasps)

Pete: What's going on?

(Goes on the road)

Sea Rouge: No.

(Screams. Pete's van tipped and he and Sea Rouge fall. Pete's van grabs onto a sleeper)

Pete: Puffball! Teapot!

(Sleepers breaks. Pete growls and scream)

Pete: Tin Kettle!

(Pete lands into a sludge-filled barge. The twoboat tows the barge with Pete away. Pete sighs and his van is almost fallen from the barge)

Pete: They'll pay.

(Sea Rouge squirts water. He looks at his funnel)

Sea Rouge: Sludge! I hate it.

(He angrily glares at the camera)

Pete: Oh, well. Nice time of the year for a cruise.


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