Mickey and the New Caterpillar, also referred to as Mickey and Heimlich, is the eleventh episode of the ninth season of Mickey the Mouse and Friends (FlyingDuckManGenesis' Version), and the 219th episode overall. It is a parody of the Thomas and Friends episode Thomas and the New Engine/Thomas and Neville.


  • Mickey Mouse (From Mickey Mouse) as Thomas
  • Professor Porter (From Tarzan) as Sir Topham Hatt
  • An Animator as The Signalman
  • Heimlich (From A Bug's Life) as Neville
  • Banzai (From The Lion King) as Arry
  • Ed (From The Lion King) as Bert
  • Donald Duck (From Mickey Mouse) as James
  • Hercules (From Hercules) as Edward
  • Piglet (From Winnie the Pooh) as Percy
  • Minnie Mouse (From Mickey Mouse) as Emily
  • Mia and Tia (From Cars) as Annie and Clarabel
  • Friar Tuck (From Robin Hood) as Toby
  • Governor Ratcliffe (From Pocahontas) as George (Cameo Role)
  • Baloo (From The Jungle Book) as Henry (Cameo Role)


Narrator: "The Disney Characters on Disneyland keep very busy. There are always lots of jobs to do.

One morning, Professor Porter came to Mickey's house."

Professor Porter: "A new caterpillar has arrived on your territory."

Narrator: "He announced."

Professor Porter: "His name is Heimlich. You must all make him feel welcome. A happy caterpillar is a useful caterpillar."

Narrator: "Later, Mickey was stopped at a red light. The animator called down to Mickey."

Animator: "The bridge ahead is unsafe. Mickey, you are to collect a piece of ironwork so the bridge can be repaired."

Mickey: "Yes, sir!"

Narrator: "Huffed Mickey.

At the yards, Banzai and Ed were with Heimlich, the new caterpillar. Heimlich was a friendly caterpillar, but he was often eating. Heimlich was backing up towards some crates."

Banzai: "Nearly there."

Narrator: "Said Banzai cheekily."

Ed: "Nearly there."

Narrator: "Said Ed naughtily. Then there was trouble."


Banzai and Ed: "Watch where you're going, clumsy feet!"

Narrator: "Banzai and ed laughed. Heimlich looked sad.

Ed: "It's not our fault you're a silly caterpillar!"

Narrator: "Oiled Ed, and they laughed even harder.

Mickey arrived at the yards. He could see Banzai and Ed laughing with Heimlich."

Mickey: "That must be the new caterpillar."

Narrator: "He thought."

Mickey: "He must be friends with the hyenas."

Narrator: "Mickey arrived at the castle."

Donald: "Have you seen the new caterpillar yet?"

Narrator: "Asked Donald."

Mickey: "Yes,"

Narrator: "Said Mickey."

Mickey: "But we better be careful. I saw him at the yards with Banzai and Ed. They were laughing together."

Narrator: "Donald was shocked."

Donald: "A caterpillar, friendly with hyenas?"

Narrator: "As Mickey left, Hercules pulled in."

Donald: "Have you heard about the new caterpillar?"

Narrator: "Snorted Donald, and he started to tell Hercules all about Heimlich.

Later, Hercules was having a drink. He was talking to Piglet."

Hercules: "That new caterpillar, Heimlich, is best friends with the Hyenas."

Narrator: "Hercules puffed.

Hercules: "He doesn't want to be with Disney Characters at all."

Piglet: "How do you know?"

Narrator: "Peeped Piglet."

Hercules: "Donald told me, and Mickey told him."

Narrator: "Whistled Hercules.

Then later, Piglet met Minnie at a red light."

Piglet: "Don't go near Heimlich, the new caterpillar."

Narrator: "He told her."

Piglet: "The Hyenas have told him to biff into Disney Characters. Hercules told me, Donald told Hercules, and they all heard it from Mickey."

Narrator: "When Mickey arrived at the station, Professor Porter was there."

Professor Porter: "Mickey, you must warn all the Disney characters not to cross the bridge until it is repaired."

Narrator: "He boomed. Mickey felt proud, it was a very useful job. Just then, he heard a whistle. Someone was coming. Mickey had to warn them. It was Heimlich, with Mia and Tia. Mickey was shocked. Mia and Tia were his cars!"

Heimlich: "Hello."

Narrator: "Puffed Heimlich cheerfully."

Mickey: "I'm not talking to you!"

Narrator: "Mickey huffed crossly. Heimlich didn't know what he had done.

Then, Minnie pulled in next to Heimlich."

Heimlich: "Hello."

Narrator: "Said Heimlich happily. Minnie let out an angry huff."

Minnie: "It's no use trying to make friends with me, I know you're going to biff into all the Disney Characters, just like Banzai and Ed told you to!"

Narrator: "Mickey was surprised, but the animator blew his whistle, and Heimlich puffed sadly away."

Mickey: "Where did you hear that Heimlich is going to biff into all the Disney Characters?"

Narrator: "Mickey asked Minnie."

Minnie: "Don't you know?"

Narrator: "Minnie whistled."

Minnie: "Piglet told me, Hercules told Piglet, Donald told Hercules, and you told Donald!"

Narrator: "Huffed Minnie."

Mickey: "But I only said to Donald that I'd seen Heimlich with Banzai and Ed!"

Narrator: "Then, Friar Tuck arrived.

Friar Tuck: "Have you heard about Heimlich, the new caterpillar?"

Narrator: "He puffed."

Friar Tuck: "Baloo saw Banzai and Ed be horrible to him at the yards."

Narrator: "Minnie was shocked. Mickey couldn't believe it; Heimlich wasn't friends with the Hyenas after all!"

Minnie: "Where was Heimlich going?"

Narrator: "Minnie tooted."

Mickey: "Hot dog!"

Narrator: "Cried Mickey."

Mickey: "Heimlich's heading for the broken bridge! I must stop him!"

Narrator: "Heimlich was speeding through the countryside as fast as he could.

Suddenly, Heimlich saw a barrier on the road. He screeched to a halt, but it was too late!

Heimlich was in terrible trouble; he was on the broken end of the bridge!

Mickey knew it was all his fault. Suddenly, he had an idea. Mickey walked slowly and carefully onto the bridge. He gently grabbed Tia and held on.

Mickey was very scared. Slowly and steadily, he began to pull Heimlich back from the edge.

The bridge made a creaking noise. Mickey knew he must hurry. He pulled as hard as he could, and with one big puff, he pulled Heimlich's feet of the bridge.

Mickey had done it! He had saved Heimlich, and Mia and Tia."

Heimlich: "Thank you."

Narrator: "Whistled Heimlich."

Mickey: "I should have warned you."

Narrator: "Puffed Mickey."

Mickey: "But I was too busy believing silly stories. I thought you didn't like Disney Characters, but now I know I was wrong."

Narrator: "Mickey gave Heimlich a long, friendly whistle. Heimlich was very happy. At last, he knew he had a good friend in Mickey."

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  • Footage Copyright: The Walt Disney Company, Pixar Animation Studios

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