Darthranner's movie spoof of Disney's Aladdin


  • Aladdin - Mickey Mouse (Disney)
  • Jasmine - Minnie Mouse (Disney)
  • Genie - Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)
  • Jafar - Count Dooku (Star Wars)
  • General Grievous - Himself (Star Wars)
  • Iago - Chatot (Pokemon)
  • Abu - Aipom (Pokemon)
  • Sultan - David Q. Dawson (Disney's The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Rajah - Himself
  • Razoul - Sgt. Harrison Yates (South Park)
  • Peddler - Himself
  • Gazeem the Thief - Pokemon Hunter J (Pokemon)
  • Prince Achmed - Mortimer Mouse (Disney)
  • Magic Carpet as itself

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