This article collects information about efforts by consumers to get a refund for Microsoft Windows after buying a computer pre-loaded with it. This is sometimes called the “Windows tax” because it’s usually as certain as death when buying a new computer.

Successful refund requests

locale vendor version amount refunded links
uncle_benji HP Vista $200 How I got a Windows Vista refund from HP (2008-01-20)
Bennett, Geoffrey D. Australia Toshiba Windows 95 $110.00 (AUS) Toshiba/Microsoft Saga (1998-08-12)
Linux Today: Windows Refund Madness (1999-01-21)
Mitchell, Dave UK Dell XP £47 (~$89) + tax Dell customer gets Windows refund (2006-11-07)
Dell: Windows refund yes, Windows refund policy no (2006-11-08)
Oualline, Steve UK XP $199 Linux Journal: Getting a Windows Refund in California Small Claims Court (2003-07-30)
Wroclawski, Serge Dell XP $52.50 Linux Watch: Getting your Windows refund (2007-01-08)
How to get a Windows tax refund (2007-01-05)
Karczemski, Piotr Poland Poltronics / Lenovo XP Pro 400 PLN ($177.69)

Other resources

Windows Refund Day

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