Mufasa- Zordon

Spongebob-Alpha 5

Aladdin-Jason Lee Scott

Melody(TLM2)- Kimberly Ann Hart


Sora(Kingdom Hearts)- Zack Taylor

Riku-Tommy Oliver(Green Ranger

Arthur Read-Billy Cranston

Maleficent- Rita Replusia

Anakin Skywalker-Tom Oliver(Clone)

Jafar-Lord Zedd

Scar(The Lion King)-Goldar

Hades-Master Ville



Vincent the Bear(Over the Hedge)-Lokar


Ramses(Prince Of Egypt)-Squatt Season 2

Heroes and Allies

Aladdin-Jason Lee Scott(Red Ranger) Last Appearance: Ninja Encounter

Melody(TLM2): Kimberly Hart(Pink Ranger)

Arthur Read-Billy Cranston(Blue Ranger)

Mulan-Trini Kwan(Yellow Ranger);Last Appearance:Ninja Encounter

Sora(Kingdom Hearts):Zack Taylor(Black Ranger) Last Appearnce:Ninja Encounter

Peter Pan: Tommy Oliver(White Ranger): First Appearance: White Ranger

Hercules(Disney): Rocky Desantos: First Appearance: Ninja Encounter

Odette(The Swan Princess): Aisha Campbell(Yellow Ranger):First Appearace: Ninja Encounter

Jake Long: Adam Park(Black Ranger): First Appearance:Ninja Encounter


Spongebob-Alpha 5

Tulio and Miguel- Bulk and Skull


Season 3


Spongebob-Alpha 5

Buzz Lightyear-Ninjor

Peter Pan-Tommy Oliver

Melody(TLM2): Kimberly Hart(Pink Ranger) Last Appearance: Different Shade of Pink PT III

Lewis(Meet the Robinsons): Billy Cranston(Blue)

Hercules:Rocky Desantos(Red)

Odette(The Swan Princess): Aisha Campbell(Yellow)

Jake Long: Adam Park(Black)

Rapunzel(Tangled)-Kat Hillard:(Pink Ranger):First Appearance: Ranger Castrophe

Rayman:Masked Rider

Mowgli-Young Tommy Oliver

Alice: Young Katherine Hillard

Jake(Jake Neverland Pirates):Young Billy Cranston NOTE: He will be cast as Younger Billy Cranston till Climb Every Fountain

Arthur Pendagon: Young Rocky Desantos

Phineas Flynn: Young Adam Park

Jenny Foxworth: Young Aisha Campbell

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

Harry Potter: Aurico

Katniss Everdeen: Delphine

Tintin(Adventures of Tintin): Corcus


Gru(Despicable Me):Tiedus

Lilo-Young Tanya

Tiana-Tanya Sloan

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