Ash Ketchum as Jason Lee Scott/Red Ranger

Clemont as Billy Cranston/Blue Ranger

Cilan as Adam Park/Black Ranger

May as Aisha Campbell/Yellow Ranger

Serena as Katherine "Kat" Hillard/Pink Ranger

Gary Oak as Tommy Oliver/Green & White Ranger (Fused Only)

Arceus as Zordon

Landorus,Tornadus,& Thundurus as The Guardians of The Power Universe

Meloetta & Dianice as The Princess Sisters of The Power Universe

Carbink as Alpha 5

Regice,Regirock,Registeel,Regigigas,Zekrom,Reshiram,Kyurem,Lugia,Latias,& Latios as The Great Forces

Squritle,Totodile,Mudkip,Piplup,Oshawott,& Frogadier as The Water Warriors of The Power Universe

Darkai as Lord Zedd

Girantina as Thrax

Yveltal as Lord Gerand

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