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Mighty_boosh is an alt that was made after a long time of looking for a computer that hasn't been used to create or post on gameFAQs and finaly when young_buck93's original user found one, the only good name he could think of was either "Jet_set-radio+kid" or "mighty_boosh93".


young_buck93(31) was the first account made by it's user, he has forgotten when the account was created but he believes it was sometime in 2007 around early april, and was banned around march 2008 by saying "i'm going back to gamefaqs because i feel that my IQ dropping..." in a topic found on gamespot by kitsune.

It is also thought that young_buck93 was hit by "TEH MIGHTY BANHAMMER" when the IT "doomded" him, leading to the conclusion that IT has in IT's possesion teh mighty banhammer because IT stole it from CJayC when he retired from gamefaqs.

The main boards young_buck93 has been to where Everybody Panic The End Of The World and rarely the KH2 boards(even if he didn't own the game he has played it at claw' place)

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