Miguel's First Movie is a fan-fiction TV Movie created by Pikachufreak.


  • The show resolves on Miguel Santos (from Maya and Miguel) the main character. His twin sister is Maya Santos (also from Maya and Miguel), his girlfriend is Maggie Lee (also from Maya and Miguel), his cousin is Tito Chavez (also from Maya and Miguel), his best friends are Theo (also from Maya and Miguel), Andy (also from Maya and Miguel), Arthur Read (Maya's boyfriend, from Arthur), Matt (from Cyberchase) and Ruff Ruffman (from Fetch With Ruff Ruffman), his pet parrot is Paco, his total crush is Esperanza (Andy's girlfriend, from The Letter), his parents are Rosa Santos and Santiago Santos (both also from Maya and Miguel), his grandmother is Abuela Elena (also from Maya and Miguel), Maya and Maggie's best friend is Chrissy (also from Maya and Miguel), Arthur's little sister is D.W. Read (also from Arthur), Tito's girlfriend is Veronica (from Give Me A Little Sign) and Theo's girlfriend is Jackie (also from Cyberchase). The Movie premiered on November 19, 1999.


  1. Miguel Santos
  2. Maya Santos
  3. Maggie Lee
  4. Tito Chavez
  5. Theo
  6. Andy
  7. Arthur Read
  8. Ruff Ruffman
  9. Paco
  10. Esperanza
  11. Rosa Santos
  12. Santiago Santos
  13. Abuela Elena
  14. Chrissy
  15. D.W. Read
  16. Veronica
  17. Jackie

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