Miguzi Hits is a fan-fiction YTV DVD made by Pikachufreak. Released in 2011, it has all 10 episodes from Miguzi's block.


  1. Sparks Fly For Magnemite (Pokemon)
  2. Sugar Shock (Ozzy and Drix)
  3. A Cowardly Redhead (Hoop-a-Joop)
  4. Nature Nightmare (Totally Spies)
  5. El Nino Loco (Mucha Lucha)
  6. Sunspots (Static Shock)
  7. A Date To Forget (Sonic X)
  8. The Curse of Kongo Bongo (Donkey Kong Country)
  9. Fright Fight Night (Jackie Chan Adventures)
  10. Treasure of The Blind Swordsman (Xiaolin Showdown)


  • Release Date: July 19, 2011.
  • Distributed by Warner Home Video.

Opening Previews

  1. FBI Warning
  2. Warner Home Video logo (1997-present)
  3. Miguzi Hits DVD Menu

Closing Previews

  1. Last few seconds of Treasure of The Blind Swordsman
  2. Xiaolin Showdown outro
  3. Warner Bros. Television Animation logo

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Top: Ash and Al
  • Bottom: Sam and Clover panicking from "Nature Nightmare"

Back Cover

  • The Xiaolin Monks from "Treasure of The Blind Swordsman"
  • Mel from "A Cowardly Redhead"

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