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Ventuno due custom 221 (Cartridge A) Strategy


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Mika Mikli: Ventuno due Cartridge A


  • Operator: Mika Mikli (Special Space Service)
    • SSS Codename: Hermit One
  • Official Name: MAF-2b Ventuno 2 custom 221
    • Manufacturer: Redares
    • Weight Class: Middle
  • Armaments
    • Main: M72R Hand Machine-gun
    • Sub: Homing Missile
    • Option: Shoulder Units
  • Charge Gauge: 4

Move List

  • M- Hand Machine-gun
  • S- Homing Missile
    • 2x3 missiles
  • DM- Dash Machine-gun
    • 6x11 way shot
  • DS- Dash Homing Missile
    • 6 missiles (larger spread)
  • BM- Barrier Machine-gun
    • 3x10 way shot
  • BS- Barrier Homing Missile
    • 2x3 missiles (long distance homing)
  • M+S- Reactive Bomb
    • IT 0.6sec
  • DMS- Dash Reactive Bomb
    • IT 0.1sec
  • 46,M+S- Deffusion Shot
    • IT 0.1sec
  • CWR,M+S- Full Range Attack (Convergent)
  • ACR,M+S- Full Range Attack (Deffusion)
  • 466,M+S- Shoulder Unit Placement
    • IT 0.6sec

BOSS: Last Arbiter

  • R,or S- Automatic Shot
  • M- Ripple Shot
  • S- Homing Missile
  • A+M, A+S- Side Laser
  • M+S- Option Shot
  • L+A- Dash/Movement Attack
  • A+M+S- Booster Bomb (Final Attack)

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