Mike as Cabbage

Thomas as Asparagus

Sister Rose as Ice Cream

Toby as Grape

Percy as Orange

Kyle Busch as Peanut Butter

Chase Sampson as Water

Gordon as Coconut

Boco as Banana

K9 as Chicken Leg

Harry as Broccoli

Orange Bird as Fennel Cake

Oliver as Strawberry

James as Tomato

Casey Mears as Apple Juice

Tony Stewart as Orange Juice

Henry as Celery

Greg Biffle as Peach

Trevor as Sage

Ross Matthews as Grape Juice

Triplets as Cherry

Duck as Cucumber

Oscar as Hot Dog

Top Cat as Salt

Choo-Choo as Pepper

Jeff Gordon as Corn Dog

Arthur as Jelly

Homestar as Garlic

Freddie as Egg

Stepeny as Pear

Skarloey as Cupcake

Mark Labbett as Cake

Bugs Bunny as Cheese

Donald & Douglas as Lemon and Lime

Elizabeth as Cookie

Kermit the Frog & Miss Piggy as Hamburger and Cheeseburger

Dooby Dummy as Pickle

Daffy Duck as Onion

Dink Smallwood as Pumpkin

Daniel as Kiwifruit

Ken Jennings as Pineapple

Larry Zeiner as Cracker

Ian Hecox as Donut

Mario as Hot Sauce

Rheneas as Pizza

Guy Fieri as Steak

Peter Sam as Waffle

Spook as Pancake

Duke as Leek

Jimmie Johnson as Lettuce

Anthony as Cotton Candy

Silk Almondmilk Guy as Almond

Ron the Christmas Tree as Turkey

Jospeh as Green Tea

Rusty as Milkshake

Yoshi as Mango

Duncan as Soybean

Link as Pretzel

Pit as Peas

Chris Wreckless as Watermelon

Stanley (59) as Honey

Billy as Radish

Salty as Peanut

Sir Handel as Corn

Hank as Yam

Cindy Chew as Gum

Whiff as Milk

Lewis as Blueberry

Terrence as Tuna

Spencer as Eggplant

Cranky as Licorice

Caroline as Cereal

Drew Brees as Chili Pepper

Yellow M&M as M&M

Stanley (73) as Pomegranate

Kirby as Gumdrop

Tiger Woods as Macaroni

Franko as Pecan

Fuinn as Sushi

Toad as Soup

Emily as Grilled Cheese

Charlie as Taco

Madge as Bubble Tea

Elmer Fudd as Fruitcake

Lady as Whipped Cream

Rosie as Marshmallow

Luke as Carrot

Bill and Ben as Potato Chips

Heavy as Sandwich

Dale Jr as Energy Drink

Mavis as Sugar

Elmo as Cinnamon

Harold as Fruit Punch

Bertie as Apple

Molly as Raspberry

Luigi as Spaghetti

Harvey as Pie

Alec Baldwin as Beet

Murdoch as Ice Pop

Fergus as Popcorn

Edward as Cauliflower

Sam as Bacon

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