15sturmelle's movie spoof of Robin Hood


  • Robin Hood- Mike(Total Drama)
  • Little John- Kristoff(Frozen)
  • Maid Marian- Zoey(Total Drama)
  • Lady Kluck- Anna(Frozen)
  • Sir Hiss- Animal(The Muppets)
  • The Sheriff of Nottingham- Angel Marie(Muppet Treasure Island)
  • Tournament Crocodile- Spotted Dick(Muppet Treasure Island)
  • Friar Tuck- Bobo the Bear(Muppets Tonight)
  • Alan-a-Dale- Scooter(The Muppets)
  • King Richard- Sam the Eagle(The Muppets)
  • Prince John- Justin(Total Drama)
  • Mother Rabbit- Mary Darling(Peter Pan)
  • Sis Rabbit- Wendy(Peter Pan)
  • Tagalong- Gosalyn Mallard(Darkwing Duck)
  • Otto- Rowlf the Dog(The Muppets)
  • Trigger- Uncle Deadly(The Muppets)
  • Nutsy- Captain Hook(Peter Pan)
  • Toby Turtle- Kermit the Frog(Muppet Babies)
  • Skippy Rabbit- Cody(The Rescuers Down Under)

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