Mike Sanders is the crime boss and the leader of the Mels Boys he first was in the story welcome to Townsville where he was at war with another gang. Who didn't wanna fire because Emma Smith and her mate Carrie were in the way of fire. He didnt care and still fired a bullet missed and hit Carrie in the neck when she faced them killing her at the age of just 13. Because of Emma and Carrie being in the way the Rival gang died.

Emma Smith had taken cover on the floor and had lived from the gunfire she was also close to where Carrie had died inches from her. After the Mels Boy have won the fight they take Emma Smith hostage unsure what to do with her they later plan on killer her. Mike Sanders plans to kill her with a bullet to the head and asked if she has any last request. Emma wants a joint to ease the pain of being shoot should they miss. Mike accepts this and unties her however with her hands not bond. Emma attack the members and punches Mike in the ribs breaking one of them. Which gets into his lung almost killing him. He lives and then plans on tracking down Emma Smith and having her killed by a sniper because she is the only witnesses to what has taken place.

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