Mikey is the youngest of the Eevee Brothers and the love interest of Mary appearing in The Battling Eevee Brothers. Voiced by Kayzie Rogers, he has brown hair, red eyes and wears a green short sleeved shirt, blue shorts with a white diaper inside, white socks and orange shoes. At his age, he is 7 years old.


  1. Professor Ivy and Ethan (Parents)
  2. Jack Pollockson (Grandfather)
  3. Rainer, Sparky and Pyro (Older Brothers)
  4. Luka (Cousin)
  5. Mary (Love Interest)
  6. Timmy (Best Friend)
  7. Bucky (Rival)
  8. Sakura (Childhood Friend)


  1. Liking for Mary
  2. Doing his best ways
  3. Sharing his feelings with Sakura


  1. His rivalry with Bucky
  2. Getting into trouble
  3. Losing his inner focus


  1. He is the youngest of the Eevee Brothers
  2. He currently has a crush on Mary
  3. His only cousin is Luka
  4. His parents are from the Orange Islands
  5. Sakura is one of his childhood friends
  6. Secretly, he is best friends with Timmy

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