Mikey Kudo is the main protagonist and the love interest of Emily Anderson appearing in Digimon Fusion. Voiced by Nicholas Royce, he has brown spiky hair, gray eyes and wears a black shirt under another blue shirt with a white oval with yellow borders and a yellow "t" in the chest, yellow line on the left arm, black leggings under brown shorts and belt, a red jacket, green goggles, red and white shoes, white gloves, and wears a Squawker on his left wrist. At his age, he is 13 years old.


  1. Mrs. and Mr. Kudo (Parents)
  2. Emily Anderson (Love Interest)
  3. Christopher Aonuma (Rival)
  4. Kazane Fujimiya (Worst Nightmare)


  1.  ??? Emily
  2.  ??? prince ??? Cinderella
  3.  ???


  1.  ??? Christopher
  2.  ??? Kazane ???
  3.  ???


  1.  ???
  2.  ???
  3.  ???
  4.  ??? prince charming ??? Cinderella
  5.  ???
  6.  ???

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