1: When the bucket dissappers Roc and Nasir do'nt exist, but  they are born before Mikih in 2003. Layla in 2004 and Rayah and Ciara in 2005. 

2: Chris was'nt shown in the begging of the movie, only the middle through end. A poster saying Wanted King has his face and name on it down the bottom of picture.  Also a picture of Wineyada wich also says wanted on it.

3: Layla's parents sign a contract they're sent to California.

4:  In the alternative universe, when Louie attends college he never knew Mikih, Roc, Nasir, their friends or Chris. 

5: Louie is shown at the middle of the movie.

6: Wineyada met Louie but she was captured after Mikih left Chris's house, Chris took Wineyada away from The Staples Center and took her in his studio.

7: Chris locked Layla into South Eastman leaving Rayah and Ciara in gradeschool in Mikih and the Teenagers 2. In the parrallel universe if Mikih and Ciara would'nt have saved Layla, Chris would've attempted to rescue her but he'd be visiting.

By: Roc.

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