Mikih And The Teenagers 2 Is A New movie written and directed by Roc produced by Rafee Cooper. It stars Rafee Cooper as Mikih/Roc, Rayah as Nasir Layla as Layla, Rayah as Rayah, and Ciara as Ciara It  will be released on January 3rd, 2014.


When Mikih, Roc and Nasir, return to New York for more fun Justin takes care of them meanwhile Chris returns with the Teenagers female counterpart, The Teengirls who apper to be Mikih, Roc and Nasir's enemies.

By: Roc.

New Story 

The teenagers are full of happiness when they go to high school, but Chris cause's a ruckess when the teengirls attend high school just as much as the teenagers did.


Rafee Cooper as Mikih/Roc.

Rayah as Nasir.

Layla as Layla.

Rayah also voices Rayah.

Ciara as Ciara.

Spongebob as Louie.

Shrek as Chris.


A plan existed since after Mikih and the Teenagers. A live action test began on November 3rd, 2013 and it continued November 8th, 2013, through December 6, 2013. The parts of the movie will begin on December 23rd,  2013 until January 3rd, 2013 at that month it will be split into 15 parts.  Danny, Santino, and Big Show will play in  the movie as Mikih, Roc and Nasir. Woody will star in the movie again as Louie and Shrek will star again as Chris. Layla, and Rayah will star as thenselves and Layla will also play Ciara.

By: Roc.

Opening Sequence 

The movie's opening  was first when Louie became injured but that opening sequence was cut because another thought went through Roc's head having Wiheda become injured. The movie's opening was the ending of Mikih and the Teenagers. It will also have the teenagers happy for high school. 


The site contains humans to imort themselves into one of the teenagers and costumize their clothe's and record a message.

Roc created a website Teen Yourself wich incudes transformation types.

Transformation types:

Face change.

Red Cap.

By: Roc.

Transformation  Operation:

When the transformation type is clicked it will automatically send the selected shirt to you.

By: Roc.


A sequel called [[Mikih and the Teenagers 3]] will be made on December 24th, 2014 through January 1st, 2015.


1: Mikih, Roc, Nasir and The Teengirls fly off of Louie's Boat.

2: Louie and Chris travel to the transformed New Jersey.

3: The Teengirls meet Gigi (Kadijah Ray Ryan).

4: Louie and Chris make it to an apartment of the city.

5: Layla is bitten by a Cat with some pictures in it's head.

6: Gigi, Layla, Rayah and Ciara slide down a hill.

7: After Chantel explains her friendship for Nasir through Layla she gets his in the head with a basketball.

She then turns back into [[Layla (Charectar)]].

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