Mikih And The Teenagers 3 (also known as Mikih And The Teenagers 3: Shipwrecked) is an upcoming computer-animated movie written and directed by Roc, produced by Rafee Cooper It stars Rafee Cooper as Mikih/Roc. Rayah as Nasir, Spongebob as Louie. It will be released in theatre's on March 7th, 2014, a sequel called Mikih and the Teenagers  2 will be released on March 26th, 2015.


The movie continues with events from the second movie. The movie then goes to where Mikih, Roc, Nasir and the Teengirls go on a boat but the boat it has a handle that gives the boat an ability to move on it's own. Mikih pushing causing he, Roc, Nasir and the Teengirls to ride all the way to an island. There the teenagers and the teengirls meet Gigi (Kadijah Ray Ryan). Layla gets bitten by an robotic cat carrying accent juice that night she has trouble sleeping she transforms into an adventourous adult named Chantel, she goes to a bridge that she has less fear of crossing. Chantel gets knocked out and transforms back to Layla.


Mark Coleman as Mikih.

Jerry as Roc.

Big Show as Nasir.

Layla as herself.

Rayah as herself.

Ciara as herself.

Woody as Louie.

Shrek as Chris (Deleted Scenes).

Ms. Deloris as Wineyada.

By: Roc.

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