Write the text of your article here! this trailer will be shown on march 17th, 2020. article- a clip will be made on march 20th, 2020 and it will apper on on march 22ndd 2020. it is near the end it may seem like the beging it is where the teenagers mikih , roc and nasir are spining around in the lid he say's mikih do'nt make me come over there, the 3 end up on the hanger then louie says in his loud voice mikih- the voice gets lost into a shirek, wich cause's him to push the skate-board over to the boys the skateboard flie's away to the boys. he then flips up to the sealing leans his cruche's to the skateboard he flips his leg up and leave's the other one nealing to the stair. he falls on the floor. his legs fall on the floor too. the boy's do'nt know that he fell.

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