Mikih and the Teenagers are a band of famous people. Edge Toy, Ray and Kenity performed. 


The band had been created in 2009. Songs were created, a few songs were composed by Roc himself.

The songs are listed here:

Get Big!.

Spring Time.


After the 3 songs were recorded, Iron Man had proved that they were too hoarse to sing another song. 

CD Releases

The songs were burned to CDs leading it up to a CD of 3 songs. 

CD Cover

The CD was designed many times the first time being a red buildboard, Second with a white backround and the third and last cover with a red backround. 

By: Roc. 


Mikih and the Teenagers went live on tour after recording the songs. Tickets were not approved.

By: Roc.


A movie based on the band called The Teenagers Beggining was created.  A movie was re-made in 2013.

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